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Funimation Adds ‘Eromanga-sensei’ Anime Streaming

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Who's ready for something a little dirty?

Funimation has onboarded another series from Aniplex USA to their streaming service with the Eromanga Sensei anime TV series now available. The show has been brought over in full in its original Japanese language with English subtitles. Availability is limited to the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland.

Check out the North American release details here.

Ryohei Takeshita directed it while Tatsuya Takahashi handled the supervision of the scripts for the series. Hiroyuki Oda served as the character designs and A-1 Pictures produced the animation for this Aniplex production.

The Japanese cast includes Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Masamune Izumi, Akane Fujita as Sagiri Izumi, Minami Takahashi as Elf Yamada, Saori Ōnishi as Muramasa Senjyu, Ibuki Kido as Megumi Jinno, Yui Ishikawa as Tomoe Takasago. Nobunaga Shimazaki as Kunimitsu Shidou and Mikako Komatsu as Ayame Kagurazaka.

Plot concept: Masamune Izumi is a high school student who writes light novels. Sagiri Izumi is a shut-in who never leaves her room. A year ago, she became Masamune’s little sister. But one day, Masamune discovers a shocking twist- The artist “Eromanga Sensei,” who has been drawing illustrations for his novels, is none other than his little sister Sagiri! His cute little shut-in of a sister, who has been living under his roof, is using an obscene pen name and draws lewd illustrations?!

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