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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For February 23rd, 2020

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So. Much. TV.
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The TV season is moving right along and we’re now mostly past most of the special events that throw a lot of shows off the air for a bit – after just coming back in January. We’re enjoying a lot of the usual sitcoms but have fallen behind on the dramas thanks to a lot of busy family events. But we’ve got a couple of shows we’re keeping up on and I’m looking forward to doing coverage of the final season of The Clone Wars. We’ve got the season opener reviewed here.

We wrapped up with the finale on Harley Quinn and we’re continuing our weekly look at Star Trek: Picard. We also did reviews of the finale of See as well as the finale for The Mandalorian.

Beyond those properties, we did move through a few more things. One show I was trying to watch an age ago with a few people finally connected with the second season of Mars. This National Geographic series was a pretty good look at the challenges of colonizing the red planet and dealing with corporations, science, and social issues along the way. Both seasons are on Netflix and it mixes in a lot of stuff about our present-day realities that complement the challenges there.

I also started in on the BBC/Netflix Dracula series. I only did the first episode and it certainly is going in its own direction with what it’s doing but that’s pretty welcome. So many adhere so strictly when going to the classic side that seeing things shaken up a bit is fun and weird, making it more unpredictable.

This past week also saw the return of Chef with its third “volume” for its first season. This show will always have an erratic schedule since Favreau is working on so many projects but my goodness it’s just a delight. I only saw the opening episode with Wolfgang Puck and it reminded me why I like series like this that let people be themselves more and less polished versions as we see on most cooking/food network shows.

Beyond that, it’s been keeping up with Supergirl and Batwoman since both came back from a break while also working through all the usual sitcoms since they’re quick hit pieces. I did snag Ne Girl on iTunes where all seven seasons were in one package for $19.99 and going back to the earliest of material is far too much fun knowing how the cast gels over the years.



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