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Sentai Filmworks Acquires ‘Try Knights’ Anime

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The series is at least getting a release.

The summer 2019 anime series Try Knights has found itself some new distribution as Sentai Filmworks has revealed their pickup of the series. The distributor intends to bring the show out on home video later this year (the Japanese release was a box set that arrived last month) and they’ll also be bringing it to various streaming services as well. Their licensing arrangement includes the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Nordic countries, the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal. Home video release details will be coming at a later date.

Gonzo is producing the animation for it and now several new cast members have been revealed with Takuya Satō as Reo Asamiya, Wataru Urata as Yukiya Katashiro, Tomoya Fukui as Akiomi Suruga, Shun Horie as Rinto Arimura, and Haruki Ishiya as Shōgo Tenkawa. Check out their designs below!

The Japanese cast includes Shōgo Sakamoto as Riku Haruma, KENN as Akira Kariya, Seiji Maeda as Tomomi Hōryū, Shūta Morishima as Pearce Valentine Shōtani, Yoshiki Nakajima as Seiichirō Nade, Takuma Terashima as Tori Fuyuhara, Kōhei Amasaki as Sōya Randō, and Hidenori Takahashi as Keita Oguma.

The manga comes from Senzoku Erisawa and Shunsaku Yano which began in June 2018 in Monthly Comic Gene and it has two volumes in print so far as of the end of March 2019.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Riku Haruma was obsessed with rugby — but when his physique failed to measure up to the sport’s extreme requirements, he put aside his athletic ambitions in favor of his studies. Yet passion has a way of resurfacing when least expected. When Riku spots Akira Kariya on the rugby field, the sight of him running, jumping and giving the sport his all reignites a fire in Riku’s heart that’s long been dormant. A rekindled passion drives Riku back onto the field and straight toward his dream of the Rugby World Cup, where he’ll use clever tactics and unbridled will to outmaneuver opponents and rise straight to the top of the pack!

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