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cl-r Punches comes for people at the Nintendo eShop February 20

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via Nintendo

A lot of fighting in the eShop with One Finger Death Punch 2 and Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r] leading the shop

Nintendo just came out with the Nintendo Direct for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  You can watch it here to catch up on the news:

Speaking of the Animal Crossing, it’s worth reiterating some relevant news.  A Switch version is dedicated to Animal Crossing with the Animal Crossing edition of the Nintendo Switch.  The console will come with an Animal Crossing theme dock and controllers to match. It comes out on March 13, a week before Doom and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

While you wait for Animal Crossing, you can get out your frustrations by punching things.  One Finger Death Punch 2 comes out for the Nintendo eShop this week.  This game only uses 2 buttons, but it’s all you need.  Punch left and right while tackling enemies and opponents in this beat’em up brawler.  You can also unlock a host of skills to make your skills more powerful and take down even more powerful opponents.

Speaking of fighting, another game is coming out. Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r] comes out for the Nintendo eShop today. Play the update to UNIST with new balance update for all your characters. In addition to the balance updates, the game also comes out a new character Londrekia Light. With a manual for a tutorial, and robust gameplay, now is a great time to jump into the Under Night In-Birth saga on the Switch.

Here are the available titles for the Nintendo eShop this week:

A Sound Plan
ARCADE FUZZ – Available Feb. 25
Blood Breed – Available Feb. 21
Blood will be Spilled
Brief Battles – Available Feb. 21
Ciel Fledge: A Daughter Raising Simulator – Available Feb. 21
Corridor Z
Dark Tower: RPG Dungeon Puzzle – Available Feb. 21
Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition
Double Dragon & Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler Bundle
Edgar – Bokbok in Boulzac – Available Feb. 26
Ego Protocol: Remastered – Available Feb. 21
Eliminator Boat Duel
Fishing Adventure – Available Feb. 21
Go All Out!
Hayfever – Available Feb. 25
King Lucas – Available Feb. 21
Knightin’+ – Available Feb. 21
Last Encounter – Available Feb. 21
Lines XL
MathLand – Available Feb. 24
Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection – Available Feb. 25
One Finger Death Punch 2 – Available Feb. 26
Otherworldly – Available Feb. 21
Pop’n TwinBee †
Project Starship
Rune Factory 4 Special – Available Feb. 25
SAMURAI SHODOWN – Available Feb. 25
SEGA AGES Puyo Puyo 2
Shadow of the Ninja †
Smash Tennis †
Space Hunted: The Lost Levels *
Speed Dating for Ghosts
Sudoku Relax 4 Winter Snow
The Unholy Society – Available Feb. 25
Tower of Babel – no mercy – Available Feb. 21
Two Point Hospital – Available Feb. 25
UBERMOSH:OMEGA – Available Feb. 21
Uncharted Tides: Port Royal
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r]
Vasilis – Available Feb. 26
Vitamin Connection

* Indicates Nintendo Wii U title

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