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Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Episode #07 Anime Review

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There’s always that one guy who brings a gun to a dragon fight.
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Episode #07

We came, we saw, we ran away.

What They Say:
Orphen tries to stop MacDougal from going into the Dragon’s sanctuary. The Deep Dragon attacks the village for attempting to go into the Dragon’s sanctuary and Orphen tries to save the villagers.

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
This show has a lot of problems in both logic, tempo, and overall presentation. Especially when it comes to character motivation and resolving conflict.

(Also, why did a sword make a sound like it struck something when Orphen moved it through air?)

The conflict with MacDougal comes to a close when Orphen confronts the man in an attempt to find out what he was hoping to accomplish by marching into the sanctuary of the forest dragon. The man attacks Orphen rather than answer, and Orphen retaliates by making the guy’s gun explode. Bleeding out, the guy isn’t able to tell Orphen what drove him from the church. The assassin backs off, his target annihilated. (Seemingly forgiving Orphen for throwing him under the bus in the process.)

Yet the villagers don’t give up on their plan with MacDougal dead. They still plan on attacking the forest dragons, who decide it’s time to end this stupidity by nuking the entire village. The dragon warns its mouthpiece to flee… but she ignores it.

After everything that happens I have to say I’m a bit more sympathetic to the dragons than the humans. The dragons seemed content to be left alone in the forest and the humans had to ruin it all.

It is during Orphen’s confrontation with the dragon that he realizes that the dragons are nothing but magically inclined beasts, just like the human magic users. He understands that the wolf needs sight to cast its magic so he simply blinds the beast. Distracted, he’s able to use the inherent design flaws of the pepperbox to pepper the distracted wolf with bullets. Proving that the dragons are mortal, despite what it claims, it is laid low momentarily before Claiomh finishes it off in an entirely unexpected and confusing way.

No, seriously, why does the baby dragon obey her over its own mother?

With the village mostly destroyed and the villagers saved, it’s time for the gang to move on. I don’t know why the villagers were worth saving, why the girl who was kept hostage by them thought they were worth saving, or why the assassin guy gave up on it all so easily. I also am going to have a hard time believing that Claiomh will be able to just walk around with a baby dragon without arousing suspicion.

In Summary:
This arc ends with little explanation for the events which occurred, the motivations of the forest dragon, or the motivations of the bad guy. I can venture a guess that our femme fatale who is currently trapped in a man’s body, is up to no good somewhere… but for now the party moves on without that knowledge. This series continues to be strange, clunky, and certainly a product of its time and place. The direction and dark action scenes are the same tricks I’ve seen in a million low-effort shows to hide poor action direction or CG. The characters seemingly don’t like each other’s company and I wonder why they bother to stick together at all. And now they have a baby dragon who happens to be a weapon of mass destruction with them.

Episode Grade: C +

Streamed by: Funimation

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