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Original ‘Astro Boy’ Anime Gets Funimation Distribution

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With a couple of older titles making their way to Funimation through the distribution deal Nozomi Entertainment set up with them, a real classic has now found its way there. The original Astro Boy series has now been added to the service where it’s streaming in its English dubbed form.

Availability is about as expected with it open to viewers in the US, Canada, Ireland, and the U.

Plot concept: Creating a robotic boy in the image of his recently deceased son Tobio, Professor Tenma thought nothing could go wrong now that his beloved child had been “reborn”… that is, until he comes to realize that this invention could never replace his son. Before long, however, the robot is kidnapped and spirited away to a robot circus in America, where he is soon rescued by Dr. Ochanomizu, and taken into his care. Tobio is given the new name Tetsuwan Atom, and transforms into Japan’s crime-fighting hero, although his anti-violent pacifist views and overall childlike naivety tend to clash with his battles often.

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