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Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #12 Review

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Elvira in comics form is a really fun character to work with because you can do most anything with her.

All good things must come to an end.

Creative Staff:
Story: David Avallone
Art: Dave Acosta
Colors: Walter Pereyra
Letterer: Taylor Esposito

What They Say:
The Witch Cult Saga concludes, and a surprise villain returns from Elvira’s past! (At least… it’s a surprise if you don’t look at John Royle’s variant cover…) The Mistress of the Dark can deliver you a climax like no other, and here it comes, in the twelfth and final issue of Elvira’s ribald romp, brought to you with joy, laughter and terrible puns.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
I’ll admit, I’ve been surprised by how much Elvira we’ve gotten in the last couple of years and that this series made it to a crazy twelve issues. I do think shorter runs work better but this was a wild and crazy ride that connected a lot of material. David Avallone, who makes his own guest appearance here alongside hardworking artist Dave Acosta, wraps things up with a lot of action, a lot of quips, and getting Elvira back to her darker self. It’s been interesting seeing her in white for a brief bit as a change but everything feels right when we get back to her true self. She knows what she wants out of life and as we learn toward the end here, it ain’t superheroing.

The arrival of Vlad is certainly a game-changer and it’s exactly what the cult had hoped for – though it’s not quite what they thought it would be. Vlad’s putting the pain to them pretty quickly because they were foolish in believing that they’d be in control of him whereas it’s Vlad who’s the boss. And he’s not working for some soft and simple people like this cult. Even when they do bring out their “dark legions” of the rest of the cosplayers and larpers, it just reinforces to Vlad that he’s going to have to punt them to the side and just take on this world himself. After all, he’s not going to go back to hell – or ride Space Mountain as Elvira tells him to. The deals with the devil aren’t what mortals think and he’s very clear about that which is a nice change of pace from what we usually get.

For Elvira and Soul Survivor, it’s a bit amusing for a lot of it. She’s relating the stories of issues past to him and he can’t believe it at all. Which is understandable but it also frustrates her since it’s just a distraction. Thankfully, it turns into a good bit of action as she needs Vlad distracted so that she can get her darkness back by getting hands-on with Vlad. It’s all a good bit of craziness with Acosta delivering a lot of fun in the variety of fight moments and how some of the cult guys step up to do the right thing. Not that they’re going to get off completely free from all of this, but the reality is that who would believe anything Elvira has to say? I do like that we get a bit of an epilogue with Ivan coming to visit and that leads to our fourth-wall breaking moment with creative side, but it’s only easy to give in because they promise another series is in the works for Elvira. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what’s next since it looks to be a team-up but this series wraps up well overall.

In Summary:
Elvira in comics form is a really fun character to work with because you can do most anything with her. And the things she doesn’t want to do, well, this is a character that I’m sure bites back against her creative team. The end of Mistress of the Dark brings the cult storyline to a close, brings dark Elvira back to the forefront, and has a lot of fun with the whole thing before finishing off Vlad for good – for now. Avallone definitely has captured the right tone for this character in order to tell amusing stories while Dave Acosta brought us a lot of really great material and some decidedly fun sexy Elvira material herself. I’m glad there are more trades for this getting into stores that hopefully get Dynamite to produce a few more miniseries as well for Elvira to run around in.

Grade: B+

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: February 19th, 2020
MSRP: $3.99

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