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DC Comics Reveals ‘Manhunters: The Secret History’

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DC Comics is looking to delve back into one of my favorite properties over the decades of theirs with the Manhunters. Set for a May 13th, 2020 debut, they’ve revealed Manhunters: The Secret History #1 will be coming from writer Marc Andreyko and artist Renato Guedes. It’s also getting a variant cover by Jae Lee that you can see to the right.

Not a lot of details have been released about it but it’s been forever since we had a book for Kate and with Andreyko writing it makes it all the sweeter.

Plot Concept: The Leviathan’s true identity has been revealed and now Kate Spencer, an earlier Manhunter, is off on a quest to uncover the depth of the Leviathan’s plans.  This quest takes her back to the beginnings of DC history as Kate follows the trail of a conspiracy.

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