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Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Vol. #09 Manga Review

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Daycare, festival booths, and beauty pageants in drag... it’s getting quite festive in the demon castle as of late.
Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Vol. #09

Infantilism runs rampant.

Creative Staff
Story/Art: Kagiji Kumanomata
Translation: Tetsuichiro Miyaki
Adaptation: Annette Roman

What They Say
Princess Syalis has a new admirer, and the other demons are jealous—one in particular. How far will he go to dissuade her weaselly suitor? Then summer arrives! Syalis tries to cool off by telling ghost stories to make herself shiver but instead strikes fear into her demon captors’ hearts. Then the Demon Cleric botches a resurrection, accidentally merging himself with another, cuter demon. And finally it’s time for the Demon Castle Super Summer Festival! Naturally, Syalis enters the beauty pageant. Who will be her competition? Wait—are those demons…in drag?!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Alis might as well be a resident of the demon kingdom at this point. Everyone in the palace knows her and her ways. They dote on her as much as they are annoyed by her, and she in turn manipulates and then feels bad for causing them trouble.

There’s a bit of a love triangle beginning in this volume as sickle weasel has latched onto Syalis like a puppy dog. Syalis realizes she’s being watched but isn’t sure by who. The Demon Cleric tries to get the bottom of it only to realize it’s Twilling and the Weasel following her, and then he realizes he has been as well! The revelation that he’s been stalking her nearly puts him in the ground. Worse, his obsession with her distracts him from resurrecting a teddy demon and temporarily puts his soul in the stuffed monster. The end result is an up-close and intimate moment with the princess which somehow results in her calling him “Leo” from now on.

At this point, the demons are pretty sure they know when they’re being played by the princess. It’s getting easier to tell when she’s playing dumb and when she’s genuinely confused or clueless about something. Her DIY sprees in this volume include blowing the cloud horns off of the castle tower so that she can sleep on them, becoming a manga-ka, and helping the demons construct a cafe booth for the summer festival.

That summer festival makes up the bulk of the story in this volume. The celebration is a thinly veiled take-off of a school festival, something that the story lampshades pretty heavily. They beg Alis to stay in her cell for the day because outsiders will be visiting the castle and Alis decides to comply. The catch is she wants to help, and she does. Cosplaying as a captive she lays it on thick and boosts Twilight’s reputation. Her ulterior motive? Winning the beauty contest the next day by promoting herself during the festival.

Things don’t go as planned for anyone involved, which leads to a bonfire and drinking. Syalis gets to learn what a hangover is as she tends to the residents the morning after. In actuality, it’s the second time in this volume in which she tries to take care of her wards. She accidentally turns them all into children when trying to turn herself into one (for the second time, because if at first you don’t succeed…) Hey, maybe a Demon Babies spinoff is what the series needs!

All of which leads the Grimoire Genie to question Syalis’s motivations and intentions for her captor’s fate.

In Summary
Daycare, festival booths, and beauty pageants in drag… it’s getting quite festive in the demon castle as of late. All the demons have Syalis figured out by now, and her kinder side is coming out more and more. She’s even on a first-name basis with the Demon Cleric now, much to his horrified embarrassment. It’s easy to forget who’s in charge of the demon realm when Syalis appears to be running the show. Yet she’s still a sheltered princess who is just trying to get a good night’s sleep when she isn’t partaking in all the activities she was denied in her life as royalty. This premise should have grown old by now, but as the cast grows into a family and takes on a self-aware attitude it instead feels like it’s growing into the third season of a sitcom. Comfortable in its identity and still making me laugh.

Content Grade: B +
Art Grade: A –
Packaging Grade: B
Text/Translation Grade: A

Age Rating: Teen
Released By: Viz Media
Release Date: October 8, 2019
MSRP: $9.99 US / $12.99 CN / £6.99 UK

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