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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For February 16th, 2020

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So. Much. TV.

The TV season is moving right along and we’re now mostly past most of the special events that throw a lot of shows off the air for a bit – after just coming back in January. We’re enjoying a lot of the usual sitcoms but have fallen behind on the dramas thanks to a lot of busy family events. But we’ve got a couple of shows we’re keeping up on and I’m looking forward to doing coverage of the final season of The Clone Wars.

We’re keeping up on the latest on Harley Quinn and we’re planning weekly-ish looks Star Trek: Picard. We also did reviews of the finale of See as well as the finale for The Mandalorian.

The main show I invested my time in this week was one that I binged a couple of episodes every day with in order to let it all sink in and explore the connections with The Stranger. The British TV series got my interest with Richard Armitage at the start but I’m also a fan of Jennifer Saunders going back to her Absolutely Fabulous days and I like it when she plays more straightforward roles from time to time. The show is an interesting on in that it’s based n the book by Harlan Coben and he got the show made, wrote a bunch of episodes with his wife, and largely got to bring his vision to life with it.

It’s a solid piece where there’s a ripple effect of connections exposed, most that work, some that are just incidental, but all make an impact on a wide range of lies. The central premise is someone that had been lied to is doing her best to make sure others aren’t lied to and exposes secrets that they’re unaware of. It’s basically dropping a grenade off in their lives and causing problems, but there’s that iffy aspect to it in that some of these are huge secrets and you can understand where she’s coming from in a pushing back kind of way. It focuses most of it through the Richard Armitage character as he has the most connections, primary and secondary, and there’s a good build-up for it. The first four episodes are solidly engaging but it’s in the fifth episode that the tension really ratches up as more and more things are exposed and it begins its downhill run to really shake things up in a big way. I’m wary of wanting a second season to see more of their lives but I’ll heartily recommend this as a solid complete miniseries.

The series also got me with a few other actors that I wanted to see more of. I’ve missed Anthony Head since his Buffy days and a little more Stephen Rea is never bad. But I really liked seeing more of Hannah John-Kamen after initially seeing her in Ant-Man and the Wasp as Ghost. I think there was more room to improve her character here but she’s definitely building a screen presence.

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