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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For February 16th, 2020

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I continue to be frustrated by how few movies I'm getting to see these days. I'm close to calling it a slump at this point. 

This past weekend had one of the bigger movies of the season opening with Birds of Prey and we were there opening day to take in the latest bit of Harley goodness. While I do think I’m more a fan of the TV animated series now more than anything else, it’s definitely a fun trip and enjoyable experience. Check out our review here.

Some of the recent works we’ve checked out include Birds of Prey, the theatrical release of The Rhythm Section, and some catch-up recently on A Quiet Place and Cold Pursuit.

This week, Darius stepped in provided a review for The Photograph.

With the big day this past week being Valentine’s Day, I’ll admit my heart wasn’t in it this year after the last couple of years of highs but I did treat myself, or abuse myself depending on how you view it. Netflix dropped the second film in the trilogy with To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. I really enjoyed the first one, and seeing Lana Condor going off to Deadly Class even if that didn’t get past the first season. This second film brought a new player to the forefront with one of the unanswered letters getting answered and it was definitely fun to see John Ambrose enter the scene. The problem was that Lara Jean, for a good chunk of the film, was just so unsure of how to act and all over the map that you kept seeing her making mistake after mistake. While a good chunk of it is her unsure of how to be a girlfriend – she does go on her first date ever here – she also has the weight of all of Peter’s past that’s eating at her. But like most, she keeps it inside and uses it as an excuse of sorts to look what options may be elsewhere. Things do come around as you’d expect but it was problematic in how she was portrayed in this film and it was the rare time I felt bad for Peter.

I did really like seeing the small bits we got from her dad and new love interest across the street. Sarayu Blue shows up in lots of places but struggles to get traction as a leading actress. But when she shows up in projects like this or The Unicorn she shines. I also liked that we finally got some bridges being built between Lara Jean and Gen and we get some fun in seeing Chris and Trevor connect up some.

I didn’t get a lot of time to really dig into other films this week but I did carve out some time to watch The Lighthouse. I’m always up for trying an A24 film blind and I was frustrated last year when this one didn’t play near me at all. I love Willem Dafo when he really gets to work a character like this and I’ve been enjoying a number of Robert Pattinson films as of late, such as Good, and was curious to see what Robert Eggers would get out of him. Filmed over just about a month on location in Nova Scotia, the black and white film deals with the two men on lighthouse duty as the job goes on past what it should be. It’s a slow build as they’re isolated and the oppressive nature of the black and white combined with the storms, the sounds, and the water just keep amping things up. It’s almost like an alien world in some ways as they struggle against things and surreal elements mix in as it seems like Pattinson’s Winslow is going nuts upon seeing mermaids and more. The further it progresses the less bound to reality it gets but it’s the performances that drive it in such a really great way. There’s a claustrophobic aspect to it with the ways its shot and presented and for those that like to see psychological horror of sorts, this delivers in spades.

What have you been watching this week?



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