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SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumairesh!! Episode #06 Anime Review

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It's official y'all, Mashumairesh has finally formed!
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What They Say:
Young guitarist and singer Howan dreams of leaving her small village to be a famous musician. She travels to the city and meets the talented guitarist, Mashima. Along with shy Delmin, and sweet Ruhuyu, they form the all-girls rock band, Mashumairesh. Now they face their first big contender in the rival male group DOKONJOFINGER. It’s time for some glitter and rock and roll!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Howan confides to Ruhuyu and Delmin that Himeko has been acting strange lately. Every time she tries to bring up the band, she gets brushed aside. Ruhuyu and Delmin hilariously blurt out that they must be having a lovers quarrel, haha. This isn’t a yuri show…or is it!? Anyway, those two also mention that she’s been weird ever since Howan hung out with REIJING. She’ll go back to normal eventually. Probably. Maybe. Why did Howan suddenly want to be in a band? It’s simple really. She believes if they all play together, they can sparkle! SPARKLING INTENSIFIES. Ruhuyu and Delmin really want to start this band, too! But they need Himeko to join them. Why is she feeling so down? They just need to hit her with Howan’s passionate feelings.

Delmin has an idea! She thinks that Himeko is exhausted. Clearly she needs some nutrition and rest! When Howan goes back home, she makes all of Himeko’s favorite food. Naturally, she finds it delicious and stuffs herself. Afterward, Howan tucks her into bed so that she can get a good night’s sleep. That was as adorable as it sounded. She’ll definitely be able to ask her about the band tomorrow! Well, it was a nice thought at least. Howan oversleeps and has to run to work. Later that day, she meets up with Ruhuyu and Delmin once more. Delmin’s plan didn’t seem to work. It’s a good thing Ruhuyu has a plan! Time for some karaoke. Howan is the first one to sing and she’s full of energy. Himeko is awed by her but she’ll never admit that. Tsunderes, am I right? Ruhuyu and Delmin throw out a bunch of hints about the band but Howan is too dense to pick up on them. Himeko sings next and she absolutely kills it! She has a great voice. Everyone praises her but she doesn’t seem to care. Would it kill her to smile? Well, looks like another plan failed. Bummer.

While walking back home, Himeko stares at a band poster that features the ocean. Howan asks her if she likes the band? She does! Songs about the ocean really hit home with her. Howan wants to listen to their songs and Himeko gets excited for a second before reeling it back. She tells Howan to go home while she looks around the record store. Dang, what’s her deal? The girls gather to discuss their next time. They decide that they should go on vacation! Howan suggests the ocean because Himeko seems to like it. Later that night, she tells her about the trip but she declines to go. She likes the mountains better than the ocean anyway. Liar! Liar, liar, pants on fire! Why are you lying girl? Himeko runs off without explaining herself. Howan and the other girls go looking for her but they don’t find her. Where could she have run off to? Howan remembers that she likes the ocean and heads for the pier. Guess what? Himeko is there!

Howan wants to know if she made her mad? Himeko says that’s not it. She also adds that she should just form a band with Ruhuyu and Delmin. They don’t need her. Howan has so many questions! Why is she being like this? Why won’t she say anything? If she doesn’t say anything, she won’t know anything. Howan doesn’t know anything at all about Himeko! Likewise, Himeko feels like she doesn’t know anything at all about Howan. She’s always leaving! It’s always part-time job this, REIJING that, etc. And now she wants to start a band? Howan can’t deny that but she knows that they can sparkle together! Himeko doesn’t plan to join the band though. She doesn’t like doing things with other people. But..but…her guitar playing is amazing! Himeko snaps and says she’s tired of hearing that! Everyone who has ever praised her has gone away! Ah, I can see where this is going. Abandonment issues anyone? She proclaims that Howan is the same as everyone else! She’s just going to leave. Himeko doesn’t want to make friends with people like that. She admits that even though she’s scared of other people, she gets lonely. And she’s selfish. And she sulks easily. She didn’t want to be this way! There’s only so much betrayal a person can take, you know? She just wants to be left alone! Dang, Himeko letting it all out.

Howan starts crying and apologizes to her. She’s been a selfish idiot. She never thought about Himeko’s feelings even though she was always thinking about her. She’s so kind and cool! Himeko thinks that Howan is making a misunderstanding but she’s not! She’ll keep telling her how kind and cool she is. Howan loves Himeko and she wants to be with her forever! Himeko starts crying and falls to her knees. Howan must be lying! If Howan was to betray her, she wouldn’t be able to handle it. Howan promises that she won’t. Again, she declares that they’ll be together forever! Himeko starts crying hysterically and they both embrace for a while. Let it all out, Himeko. Let it all out. IT’S OKAY TO CRY! I may or may not have shed a tear, too. After what seems like an extremely long hugging and crying session, the girls watch the sunrise while eating fries. Howan hopes they can be honest with each other from now on and come back to the ocean together. D’awww. Adorable.

Himeko, Howan, Ruhuyu, and Delmin meet up at the usual place to discuss the name for their band. It’s happening! Delmin picks up a flier for fresh juice and suggests the name Mashimafresh. Himeko doesn’t want the band named after her and rejects it. Ruhuyu suggests changing it up a little and comes up with the name Mashumairesh! It sounds cute and cool, doesn’t it? I agree. It’s really fun to say. The girls decide to put their band name down as Mashumairesh for the Midi City Festival!

In Summary:
It’s official y’all, Mashumairesh has finally formed! About time, too. Himeko was the main focus of this episode. She finally got to let out all of her feelings. She’s been acting cold this whole time because she just didn’t want to get hurt again. It would have broken her heart if Howan betrayed her, too. Honestly, my heart was also hurting! It sucks being betrayed. But you know what? She doesn’t have to worry about that with Howan! She loves her and she totally loves her back. As friends, of course! I think? I’m sure the shippers had fun with this episode. Anyway, this was a genuinely sweet episode. I’m ready to see Mashumairesh kick butt at the festival! Let’s go!

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Funimation

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