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‘Place To Place’ Anime Gets Its Valentine’s Day On

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Love can sometimes hit you really hard.

Place To PlaceHIDIVE is doing some promotion for another series from Sentai Filmworks that they stream with Place to Place, aka Acchi Kocchi. All twelve episodes of the series are now available on the service in subtitled form as no dub was made for this but you can most definitely enjoy a little bit of Valentine’s Day love and romance from it based on the clip below.

Based on the seinen manga by Ishiki which began back in 2006 and has five compiled volumes as of this writing, Place to Place is a twelve episode series and OVA that brings us into the lives of a group of high school students once more. Animated by AIC, there’s definitely an attempt here to try and fit in with some of the other shows of this nature from the this period as you can see bits of Hidamari Sketch in it and others where it’s all about a small group of characters that have some silly views on things, have a good relationship with each other and there’s quite a few instances where various bits of animation show up to really give it a kind of special feel with its quirkiness.

Plot concept: Tsumiki and Io have deep feelings for each other but they haven’t fallen IN love yet. Follow them as they teeter between friends and more-than-friends and get into some trouble along the way!

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