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‘Embracing Love’ Anime Getting First-Time Japanese Blu-ray Release

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It's not often we get to see some yaoi on Blu-ray.

Youka Nitta’s yaoi manga series Embracing Love wrapped up its latest run last year and it looks like it’s inspired bringing the OVA back into print but on Blu-ray for the first time. Listed as a special edition, it’s set for a March 4th, 2020 debut priced at 9,800 yen. There aren’t a lot of details for it but it looks like it’s the 98-minute OVA from 2008 that was produced by Venet based on the artwork, aka the Winter Cicada edition. First press editions look to include a reissued soundtrack and postcards featuring cover artwork.

SuBLime Manga, the boys-love imprint from Viz Media, has been releasing the original series in omnibus form since 2013. The new series has not been picked up for license in English. An anime adaptation of the original was released in English by Media Blasters.

Plot Concept:  The role of ‘Nobunaga’ was offered to Katou Youji to perform under Mochimune’s direction. However, Iwaki-san has just finished playing the same role for a taiga drama. Will Katou accept to jump into the successful vagon of his partner’s drama?

One day Katou meets accidentally Sawa-san but her personality has changed and Katou suspects of her intentions. On the other hand, Iwaki-san meets Yuukihito which is Sawa-san’s lover just to found out that Yuukihito left Sawa-san’s side and works as AD. What could be the outcome of this separation?

Fuyu no Semi Japanese Cover

[Source: Fuyu no Semi]

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