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Dungeon Explore with Snack World and Darksiders on the Nintendo eShop Feb. 13

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Load up on some fun new games!

Get your exploration gear ready. This time in the eShop, two major dungeon-crawling adventures headline the shop.

Sultan Vinegar and his henchmen came and invaded  your town.  Now it’s time for you to fight back.  Go and explore randomly generated dungeon to find your own path.  Defeat monsters, level up, and customize your character to prepare for the fight between you and Sultan Vinegar for the village.  The best part, all of the Japanese content will come with this version.

If you want a good hack and slash you should get Darksiders Genesis.  Grab Strife and War and hack and slash your way through dungeons as you figure out what the hell is going on…in hell.  In our review, we gave it a B, liking it’s replayability and fun.  We did notice some issues with Stadia, but those issues should not be present with it on the cartridge.

3000th Duel – Available Feb. 19
AO Tennis 2
Darksiders Genesis – Available Feb. 14
Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions
Goblin Sword
Kitty Maestro – Available Feb. 14
Little Bit War
Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo – Available Feb. 18
Reed Remastered – Available Feb. 14
Rise of Insanity
Speedway Racing – Available Feb. 14
Super Loop Drive
The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda – Available Feb. 14
Tilt Pack

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