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‘My Monster Girl’s Too Cool for You’ Manga Ending

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Have you been reading or picking up this title?

Another manga series that sees English-language distribution is getting ready to end in Japan. My Monster Girl’s Too Cool for You comes from creator Karino Takatsu and it has been revealed that it’ll end in three more chapters/months. The property is serialized in Shonen Gangan magazine and began in 2011. There are six volumes for it so far with Yen Press release it in English in North America through digital platforms.

Plot Concept: In a world where yōkai and humans attend school together, a boy named Atsushi Fukuzumi falls for snow yōkai Muku Shiroishi. Fukuzumi’s passionate feelings melt Muku’s heart…and the rest of her?! The first volume of an interspecies romantic comedy you’re sure to fall head over heels for!!

[Source: ANN]

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