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Dejah Thoris #3 Review

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It’s fun and exciting book that hits all the right notes for me.

Granna Dejah’s pulling out all the stops.

Creative Staff:
Story: Dan Abnett
Art: Vasco Georgiev
Colors: Dearbhla Kelly
Letterer: Simon Bowland

What They Say:
The saga continues from superstar DAN ABNETT (Guardians Of The Galaxy) and VASCO GEORGIEV (Xena)! The clock is ticking on Dejah and her family, to learn the secrets of the evil Barsoom regime…ticking, because they are being hunted by THE JEWELED KILLERS. And, because it’s February, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special variant by artist Sanya Anwar!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
While answers aren’t quite forthcoming yet, Dan Abnett is delivering a fast-paced and action-oriented Dejah Thoris book that has me wanting answers but enjoying the ride until we do. The big draw really is that we’ve moved down the line a couple of generations so there are plenty of those that have come since and it’s like meeting some really great extended family and wanting to know more of them. And Vasco Georgiev is making them all distinct and fun while also giving Dejah herself a new look that’s still familiar and accessible. I’m really enjoying his take on this world and these characters but also the execution of the action that flows well from panel to panel and page to page.

There’s a fair bit going on within these pages and a good bit of fun in watching Dejah deal with Llana. Getting her to stop calling her granna is probably the most important thing but there’s something to be said for these long lives and how family dynamics change because of it. We have instances later where Thuvia is trying to get the grandsires out of the building as the attack gets underway but they refuse to leave, especially to grandchildren, the job of fighting. For Dejah, she’s seeing the big picture of what’s going on with the attacks by the Jeddak that others aren’t quite willing to believe yet. With the main attack at the factory having failed, he’s now sending everything he’s got out to eliminate the Jasoom line so that can rule without fear or undermining. It’s understandable and makes sense in the grand scheme of Barsoomian politics and all and Dejah realizes that more than the rest.

But I also like that she essentially realizes that running for it is the right thing – mostly. The idea of going to Gathol to hole up and prepare for a real war with actual forces and machinery is the right idea. But she also knows that they’re going to have to get involved in securing the others first, which means heading to Ptarth to help. Those there are facing these strange new creatures that are incredibly powerful and it’s an engaging sequence of events on that level. But with no clue as to who they are it’s hard to get too invested in it in full just yet. That makes what Dejah is doing engaging as she and Llana and the others are striving to get there while pushing back on their pursuers. All while a series of massive ice storms are closing on on them. It’s easy to see where it’s going to go – even Kan knows that as stupid as it is on a basic level to go into the storms, he knows that Dejah will push them there. But it further cements her control of the situation and adds some real craziness.

In Summary:
The nature of this opening storyline is one where I’m content to not know the big picture elements of what’s going on in some areas. We know what the Jeddak is doing and why and that cements the action in a general sense as they move about. With these new beings that are making their way through Ptarth, yes, I want to know more but it can reveal itself slower because it’s not the primary story yet. I’m really interested in knowing what they are and what’s motivating them, but for now I’m just enjoying watching as Abnett gives us Dejah and her legacy with the grandkids as they fight to protect against the Jeddak. With Georgiev producing a lot of really good pages throughout, it’s fun and exciting book that hits all the right notes for me.

Grade: B+

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: February 12th, 2020
MSRP: $3.99

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