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Toonami Going Back To Shorter Schedules

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The latest ratings show us where the series are landing in viewership.

The variable nature of Toonami and its block-length has been fun to watch over the years as it moves all over the place. The block itself is doing well in its first half these days, in my opinion, by having lots of fresh and new shows and turning them over to other shows when they wrap up instead of running them into the ground. The back half with the repeats come in lower as expected but they provide some comfort food for late-night viewers.

Adult Swim’s Jason DeMarco has revealed that citing expenses of handling so many shows, they’re looking to trim the block a bit “for a while.” The intention is on the February 22nd, 2020 date to go from 11:30 pm to 4:00 am and the week following it’ll end at 3:00 am instead.

It was not revealed which shows will be in the lineup at that time. DeMarco also reminded folks that they have Uzumaki coming along with the Blade Runner anime and he hinted that there are up to six other shows in production that they’re working on.

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