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EVO 2020 Line-Up Revealed!

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What games did you want to see or were disappointed didn't make it?

Last week, Joey “Mr. Wiz” Cuellar and Mike Ross got together on to share what games will take the stage at this year’s EVO event.  The final list was incredibly surprising in the end, with changes people certainly weren’t expecting.  Mortal Kombat 11 and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle did not make the cut this year, but Kombat may continue as a side tournament.  While these games will be missed (especially due to all the hype they brought), but with that said, EVO 2020 brings us:

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition–  It’s no surprise Capcom’s flagship fighting franchise made it to EVO again.  With Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite having fallen off relatively fast, Capcom has rather come to rely on the large number of folks that Street Fighter draws in.  With Champion Edition just around the corner, the game has never been better and the sill of the players who come to play is sure to bring it massive views like always.

Tekken 7: Yet another mainstay for a few years has made it back.  Like Street Fighter, Namco’s big fighting game makes its way back to the main stage, and after the hype of last year, it’s not hard to see why.  After the Leroy-fest of EVOJapan, viewers will be looking to see if this time, there will be more character variation.  It’s no surprise this game came back.  It’s one of the best games released in the past few years and I can’t wait to see how they can top last year’s event.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Another no brainer to be at EVO, Nintendo’s all star fighter returns from last year as well and gets an even bigger spotlight for being, once again, the only Smash game at EVO with Melee absent again.  There’s no shortage of pro smash players, and they’ll likely be out in force again this EVO.  With all the new characters added, It will be interesting to see if any character changes are made or if upsets happen.

Granblue Fantasy Versus: This is our untested wild card game this year.  Like Samurai Shodown last year, Granblue isn’t fully released yet, but EVO is banking on it being popular enough to justify its place on the main stage.  It remains to be seen what viewership and player count will look like but if the game can prove itself, it may just come back again.  It joins the stable of Anime games that make it to the event, and we’ll see if it was a worthy choice.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: 20urnament of Champions:  Of all the games to make it this year, This one was the biggest surprise.  Said by many to be the backbone of EVO, the game celebrates it’s 20th Anniversary this year, and so EVO brought it back for an 8 man tournament.  Not much needs to be said about this beyond the shock of it being back-It’s a well respected, deeply beloved game, and the fight for the final 4 slots (the first 4 are already taken) will be a fierce one.  Qualifiers are taking place at other tournaments so the fight for the last 4 slots will be interesting.  It’s time to be taken for a ride this EVO.

Under Night In-Birth EXE :Late [cl-r]: Another return from last year, and kind of an amazing one at that.  Last year, This game was on the main stage purely do to the efforts of its fanbase getting it there.  That it’s back again suggests that EVO sees the merit in the game, and it’s not for nothing that it’s back.  This is a game the fans pushed for, and they’ve kept it alive again.  After last year, it can only get better.
Dragon Ball FighterZ: The big anime fighter of this year’s EVO, and what may well be it’s last one too!  This is a game that has a big playerbase and has seen a bunch of changes lately.  It’s definitely not a game to be sleeping on, and the action is not to be missed with this one.  It’s great to see it back and I can only imagine the gameplay now!

SoulCalibur VI: EVO has brought the tale of Souls and Swords back to the main stage for the first time in quite a while.  With the World Tour going on, it really isn’t a big surprise to see it here.  The playerbase of this game is super passionate, and based on the showing at EVOJapan, we can only bring the hype further here.  The game is one that has been though a lot in 3 seasons, and this will give it even more of an opportunity to shine.  An excellent choice of main game.

Samurai Shodown:  The final maingame at EVO 2020, and it’s the Wild Card game from last time!  SNK’s revival of the Shodown series has more than proven its mettle at this point, and is more than worthy of coming back to main stage.  The amount of skill displayed last time was insane, and it will be interesting to see: can they up the ante and top that?

So there we have our lineup.  What were your thoughts?  What games did you want to see or were disappointed didn’t make it?  Let your thoughts be known in the comments!


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