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Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!! Episode #06 Anime Review

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This week threw a lot of different elements at us, but I think that helped to emphasize the snowball-effect that ensues with a large-scale production like this.

The Eizouken gain allies in the battle that is anime production

What They Say:
With their first major project underway, the Eizouken has to depend on external resources to help lighten the workload. Kanamori puts plenty of opportunities at their doorstep, but the amassing expectations and opinions of outside forces have put a lot of pressure on Asakusa. How will the Eizouken take reign over their project and steer it in the right direction?

The Review
Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
The Eizouken made waves with their preview animation at the budget committee meeting, but now they have a full-on, episode length project on their hands. That’s not to be taken lightly. Not only do they need hundreds of animation cuts, but they’ll also need background art, sound effects, and music (just to name a few key components). That’s a lot of responsibility to take on with a three-person team. Not to mention their lack of other important tools, like having a computer in the clubhouse. With their situation in mind, it’s only natural that they look for some helping hands.

Kanamori puts her nose to the grindstone this week, flexing those networking skills and sharpening her extortion tactics. We’ve seen the toll that crunch-time animating has taken on Asakusa and Mizusaki, so seeing Kanamori hit her own speedbumps helps reinforce her substantial involvement in the Eizouken’s success. In order to get on the student council’s good side, Kanamori takes on the role of a debt collector and confronts a squatter taking residence in the school’s sound library. Of course, this is just a ploy to help further the Eizouken’s cause.

This section touches on the importance of sound design in anime (because apparently Asakusa’s homebrewed sound effects aren’t up to snuff). The person holed up in the sound library is Doumeki, the sole member of the Sound Club and an audiophile with the crowning jewel of sound effects at his fingertips. Both he and Asakusa want to preserve the importance of such a rare collection of ambient and live-recorded sounds. In order to show off just how lacking the Eizouken is in the sound department, Asakusa does a walk-cycle test. Her footsteps sound the same despite the change in terrain she runs across. It’s easy to overlook the necessity for acute sound direction, but when you put it into focus, a lack of detail can really stand out (especially for an audiophile like Doumeki, who physically recoils at the terrible demonstration). With a bit of that classic Kanamori strong-arming, Doumeki joins the Eizouken team as a sound effects coordinator.

Next up is the Art Club. The Eizouken made an impact on them with the budget committee preview, and so they decided to help with backgrounds. This segment captures the stress that comes with large-scale collaboration. Asakusa has her own logic to things, but now that she has people sharing the work, she’s met with differing opinions and unwanted compromise. It’s clear that not every member of the art club understand the anime industry lingo and tools, so communicating those unfamiliar terms is a rough task in-and-of-itself for the timid Asakusa. It’s important to note that no single person can control every aspect of anime production, and Asakusa is learning that first-hand. Her mental stamina is put to the test at this meeting.

When the girls return to the clubhouse, Asakusa begins having doubts about the project’s direction. What if people criticize our ideas? How do we create something that everyone can enjoy? Do people even want to see a robot anime? All of the pressures surrounding the Eizouken have gotten to her, and her original vision for creating anime seems to be drifting further and further away. Luckily, Kanamori snaps her back into reality with a motivational speech. Everyone’s going to have their own expectations, ideas, and criticisms of whatever anime they create. Bending to those assumed critiques will only make them shy away from the ambitious ideas they had coming into this project. Kanamori tells Asakusa to take responsibility for her anime. Despite all of their new collaborators, critics, and everything in between, Asakusa is the director of this whole operation, so it’s on her to make sure their vision is brought to completion. The whole reason the Eizouken exists is because people believed they had the potential to make something incredible. With that kick in the rump, Asakusa gets fired up once again and the Eizouken continues marching forward.

In Summary:
This week threw a lot of different elements at us, but I think that helped to emphasize the snowball-effect that ensues with a large-scale production like this. As the team grows bigger, so do the responsibilities of those driving the ship. So far, the Eizouken have braved the storm, but it’ll take a lot more trials and tribulations to make it to the other side.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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