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SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumairesh!! Episode #05 Anime Review

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What They Say:
Young guitarist and singer Howan dreams of leaving her small village to be a famous musician. She travels to the city and meets the talented guitarist, Mashima. Along with shy Delmin, and sweet Ruhuyu, they form the all-girls rock band, Mashumairesh. Now they face their first big contender in the rival male group DOKONJOFINGER. It’s time for some glitter and rock and roll!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Master decides to hook the girls up with tickets to the REIJINGSIGNAL concert! The episode is opening up with a concert? Heck yeah! Why can’t they do this more often? The girls seem very excited about this! I mean it is REIJINGSIGNAL! They’re at the top of the music scene right now. The girls arrive at the venue and the crowd is electric. REIJINGSIGNAL starts off with a new song and I loved it. It’s now my new favorite song from this show. ♪GUN, GUN, GUN, GUN, BREAK IT ALL!♪ On a side note, why are all the cute girls singing about guns these days? I’m reminded of RAISE A SUILEN’s song from a few weeks back in the BanG Dream! anime. Anyway, the performance was beautifully animated as always. After the concert, Delmin gives us a rundown of the members. Rararin is the leader of the band and is known for serious justice. The adorable Sumomone is known for healing sexiness!? And lastly, there’s Uiui who’s known for her cool-headedness and greed. I am a fan of all the girls from REIJINGSIGNAL.

It’s time for the feast! The feast is actually when REIJINGSIGNAL chooses a fan from the crowd and invite them to the backstage party! The lucky fan tonight is…Howan! Rararin snaps her fingers and teleports her onto the stage!? Are they going to explain how she can do that? No? Okay, whatever. All the members of REIJINGSIGNAL think Howan is adorable. They’re not wrong. Rararin snaps her fingers again and they all disappear!? Is she some kind of magician!? I need some answers! Anyhow, they’re chilling in the backseat of a limousine. Livin’ that good life! Howan shares with the band that she came to the city for an audition but it didn’t go as planned. Sumomone suggests she play at Midi Rock. In particular, the Under North Zawa stage at the festival is known for being a gateway for young bands. The girls of REIJINGSIGNAL are where they’re at because of Midi Rock. They still have work tonight but invite Howan along to watch. She enthusiastically agrees!

Howan gets to see Sumomone and Uiui record their radio show. She also gets to watch Rararin’s interview. An interesting note from her interview is that she acknowledges that REIJINGSIGNAL is at the top of the music scene right now. However, she believes that they need someone on stage to compete with to truly be at the top. Someone who will make them better and vice versa. Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking? PLASMAGICA VERSUS REIJINGSIGNAL SHOWDOWN! Okay, I know their rival band is probably going to be MASHUMAIRESH whenever they decide to get together. A man can dream though, right!? The girls invite Howan to their residence once work is done. Unsurprisingly, they live in a luxurious condo. Once they enter, all three of the REIJINGSIGNAL girls lay down and go to sleep! They have such busy schedules that they always end up sleeping when they get back home. It ain’t easy being a rock star. Howan decides to surprise them with breakfast when they wake up! D’aww, that’s adorable. The other girls agree with me, too. They want to keep Howan all to themselves! They invite her to go watch them practice at the studio.

Elsewhere, Himeko wonders if her room was always so spacious. Just admit you miss Howan! At the studio, Howan watches REIJINGSIGNAL practice. She witnesses how passionate and meticulous they are about their music. Once they’re done, Rararin asks what Howan thought about it. She tells them it was amazing watching them practice. It was like three colors that mixed together and became more vibrant. I guess Howan has synesthesia which is pretty cool. The girls really love her and offer her a job as their assistant. How can she refuse? She’s on cloud nine right now! Himeko, Ruhuyu, and Delmin are missing their friend though. Later that day, Rararin informs Howan that she wants her to go on their tour starting tomorrow. She needs her to go pack her stuff! Himeko arrives at her apartment with the others and discovers a note from Howan! She says that she’ll be gone a while and left some food in the fridge for Himeko. Again, adorable. They all think it’s cool that she’s REIJINGSIGNAL’s assistant but how long will she be gone? Ruhuyu decides to ask her via text but discovers that Howan left her phone…in the fridge, haha. Howan really does lose stuff easily.

Back at the studio, Rararin wants to hear Howan sing. What song does she envision herself singing? Howan closes her eyes and imagines herself singing with Himeko, Ruhuyu, and Delmin. Speaking of those three, they barge in a few seconds later! They’re here to return her phone but they also want her to come back with them, particularly Himeko. JUST TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL! Howan agrees to go back with them. Rararin wants her to stay though. She can offer her a place on stage and a chance to sing with them. However, Howan tells her that she only sees herself playing with Himeko, Ruhuyu, and Delmin. Those three are excited to hear that! They’ve been wanting Howan to join their band. Rararin lets her go with the others. She just let her slip away but she’s smiling!? I think she may have just found that someone to compete with that she’s been yearning for!

In Summary:
I think this may be my favorite episode of SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumairesh!! at the moment. I just really like REIJINGSIGNAL, a lot. Their song is also my current favorite from the show. It’s not surprising considering that Minori Suzuki is one of the singing voices of the group. I’ve been a fan ever since I heard her sing as Freyja Wion in Macross Delta. The other girls having nice singing voices, too. They’re all great! So yeah, I’m a REIJINGSIGNAL fan. I’m looking forward to the inevitable REIJINGSIGNAL and MASHUMAIRESH showdown in the future. I’m sure DOKOFIN will be around as well. I’m ready to see them all compete! Bring on the Midi Rock festival!

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Funimation

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