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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For February 2nd, 2020

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What have you been watching?

The January doldrums, bad weather, and general malaise made it hard for me to break even on my Regal Unlimited card. Yeah, it’s $24 a month but if I just see two movies then I at least break even. I had enjoyed seeing 1917 earlier in the month but circumstances kept me from much else, which on the 31st had me going to see The Rhythm Section so that I could hit the two mark. Thankfully, February looks a touch better as I’ve got Birds of Prey next weekend and The Photograph the following weekend. And I’m a sucker for certain types of movies and The Call of the Wild will definitely get me into the theater.

We did get to cover three films this week with:

The Rhythm Section Review

A Quiet Place Review

Cold Pursuit Review

While I had seen Baby Driver in the theater, I hadn’t seen it since but it was on the backlog of titles my kids wanted to see with me so we got that in this week as well. It definitely holds up well overall but the whole Kevin Spacey thing is what made me less than keen about revisiting. Thankfully, he really is a smaller role overall in it and the rest of the cast has more screentime than him. It’s definitely fun but I think it worked better in the theater with the big screen and better sound to really drive it home. The soundtrack is still a lot of fun and there are a good number of classic Edgar Wright details that make me grin, especially that walk to the coffee that we get after the first sequence. Definitely still a fun movie.

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