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Bettie Page Unbound #10 Review

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Great stuff throughout and a solid end to this storyline.

A final dangerous plan to save mankind.

Creative Staff:
Story: David Avallone
Art: Julius Ohta
Colors: Ellie Wright / Sheelagh D
Letterer: Taylor Esposito

What They Say:
The Duplanoids stand ready to take over the planet, and only one lone pinup-model-turned-spy can stop them! The Invasion of the Bettie Snatchers reaches its senses-shattering climax in BETTIE PAGE UNBOUND #10, from writer David Avallone (DRAWING BLOOD/ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK) and artist Julius Ohta (SHERLOCK HOLMES.)

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
The Invasion of the Bettie Snatchers wraps up with this installment and I think it’s the last of the solicited Bettie Page books at the moment going by what I can see listed at retailers. David Avallone has created a lot of magic with the Bettie Page books we’ve had so far and bringing this storyline to a close brings it to a really great place while teasing some big future possibilities. Julius Ohta delivers a fantastic looking book once again as Bettie and the gang look great throughout, the flow of the action is solid, and I just love the way he brings everything together with a good flow to it. It helps that Ellie Wright is as great as she is on the color design and the team as a whole produces something that has delighted me for a good long time now.

With a lot going on in the last issue, it opens well here with Bettie and Lyssa retracing Bettie’s escape to sneak back into the hive base. Their plan is a solid enough one all things considered in that they smuggle in some weapons, get their cosplay uniforms on as legit uniforms aren’t easy to find at this point in time, and sneak into the holding area where the originals are kept. The hope is that once you break someone free that they’ll be back to normal and the duplicate at a loss is a good one and it executes well. Of course, that sets off all the alarms and it turns into chaos as they free McKnight and then Rick while trying to figure out how to save everyone else. With it being the finale of the storyline, there’s a lot of good action here and seeing this group, largely in uniform, working as professionally as they do once they get some weapons is fantastic. Bettie, in particular, has a strong and determined look that really connects well.

It’s no surprise that the Queen is going for a bigger plan to win here now that the subtle way is out the window and it all funnels down to a confrontation with Bettie as she forces her way onto the Queen’s ship. It’s a great encounter as they face off against each other verbally at first and we get the nod once again that Bettie is something more than just human. Intimating that she should be the ruler of this world by virtue of what she is sets an interesting storyline that I hope Avallone gets to follow-up on because it’s damn tantalizing. It’d be a fun way to explain some aspects of her comic-life here and to, in a weird way, go all Matt Wagner Grendel on her in a sense. The start of something bigger and more far-reaching, even if Bettie herself would never make that choice and would just live a normal life.

In Summary:
The end of this storyline may follow out in a familiar and predictable way but it offers a lot of neat little moments to draw upon going forward. Avallone has crafted some really strong stories for the comics incarnation of Bettie Page that have been delightfully fun, silly, exciting, and full of adventure. It’s the kind of thing that you look at and think it shouldn’t work in the slightest and then are amazed not only that it works but works so well. Crafting the tales with a team like this with Ohta and Wright as well just takes it to a whole other level. I can’t recommend these various runs enough as something that should be required reading. Great stuff throughout and a solid end to this storyline.

Grade: B+

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: January 29th, 2020
MSRP: $3.99

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