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Stories From The Booth Explores Comedy in Anime

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Comedy is universal, but what’s it like working with the slapstick humor or visual gags of anime?

Funimation has had a couple of good episodes for their Stories from the Booth series so far and now the fourth installment has arrived with a focus on comedy in anime. It clocks in at just under over eleven minutes and talks with a range of voice actors and talent about their experiences with the slapstick style and more of anime comedy, shows that surprised them, and the way there’s a lot to take away from the humor.

Besides, as they say at the start, everyone loves a boob joke.

Series concept: Stories from the Booth is a video series showcasing how important anime is in our lives, whether we’re in a recording booth, a restaurant booth or a phone booth. Creators, fans and others in the anime community meet and talk about everything from representation and comedy in anime to “that one crazy scene.”

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