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Room Camp Episode #03 Anime Review

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It continues to be well-animated and makes for a really enjoyable if brief experience.

“Mad Dash! Kawaguchi Lake Rally”

What They Say:
The Outdoor Activities Club, Aka, the Outclub has 3 members. In the countryside of Yamanashi Prefecture, there’s a high school named Motosu High School. Go even further to one of the school buildings and you’ll find a very laid-back outdoor club that uses one corner of the classroom as their club room. Kagamihara Nadeshiko finally wants to kill some time in their club room, but then Ohgaki Chiaki and Inuyama Aoi suddenly announce that they’re all going on a trip. The girls enjoy the various local treats as they travel around, but where in the world is the end destination for this trip?!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the stamp aspect picked up the last time around, the gang is getting ready to enjoy more of their favorite activities in being outdoors. That has them out and about on their bikes with Nadeshiko far ahead of the rest as she’s pretty excited. But it’s when some athletic cyclists whiz past them that they become really interested. They manage to catch up at the stop ahead with the view and meet them, which is a lot of fun. The older couple share a little fruit with them and talk about their journey since they first met with taking photos over the years everywhere they go on their bike trips. It’s a nice bit that ties to the kids time as high school students now as they wonder if this will be something they’ll do in the future as well. With a new stamp acquired, it’s definitely on Nadeshiko’s mind!

In Summary:
The further I get into this series the more that I want to see the original main show that it’s coming from. It’s reminding me a lot of Encouragement of Climb and that was an utterly charming show in short like this. The girls are continuing their stamp journey here and I like the simplicity of it in going to different places to see the sights, get the stamp, and just enjoy time together with or without other people involved. It continues to be well-animated and makes for a really enjoyable if brief experience.

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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