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Overlord a la Carte Vol. #02 Manga Review

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What more can you ask for? Well, more Nabe would be awesome. More Nabe, please!

The battle for Ainz-sama’s affection intensifies.

Creative Staff
Original Story: Kugane Maruyama
Character Design: so-bin
Art: Various artists
Translation: Emily Balistrieri

What They Say:
Though united in their loyalty to Ainz, when it comes to love, the powerful women of Nazarick-especially Albedo and Shalltear-will fight tooth and nail to be with their beloved lord! From dress-up transformations and aphrodisiacs to additional threats vying for the leader’s attention, the love showdown is just about to get spicier!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The denizens of the Great Tomb of Nazarick are once again getting themselves into shenanigans in the second volume of Overlord a la Carte. Just a brief reminder, this is a manga anthology which means that each chapter is written and drawn by different authors. They’re all passionate fans of the original Overlord series so you know that each page is going to be filled with their love and care. Of course, I love seeing all their different art styles and the hilarious stories they come up with! I am a big fan of anthologies like these.

As was the case the first time around, a lot of the stories are dominated by Albedo and Shalltear’s rivalry. They really, really, REALLY love Ainz-sama. I can’t blame them. He’s got a rockin’ skeleton bod, am I right? Speaking of which, there’s a story where almost everyone gets accidentally shrunk. Ainz decides to have a little fun and places them inside his bones. Needless to say, everyone was quite thrilled about this, especially Albedo who got a nosebleed immediately. She was in heaven! Shalltear wasn’t so lucky since she was one of the few that didn’t shrink. Chalk that up as a win for Albedo. In another story, Albedo and Shalltear are fighting with each other. When are they not though? Shalltear took Albedo’s Ainz-sama body pillow without her permission! As you can imagine, Albedo isn’t too pleased about this. Ainz doesn’t want to hear their arguing and asks for the issue to be resolved. The next day, Albedo gives Shalltear the body pillow!? That doesn’t seem like her, at all. Shalltear graciously accepts it but doesn’t plan to thank her. That’s okay because Albedo doesn’t need a body pillow of Ainz-sama when she can just have the real thing! She catches an unsuspecting Ainz-sama by surprise and has some fun with him. Oh my! Chalk up another win for Albedo. Shalltear, you’re slacking!

All that fighting gets tiring after a while, ya know? That’s why both ladies eventually get the ingenious idea to discern Ainz-sama’s taste. Not a bad idea. Demiurge takes it upon himself to ask Ainz-sama all the tough questions and tally the points. Which lady is the ideal match for Ainz-sama? Albedo and Shalltear agree to accept the results, no matter what. After tallying up the points, it’s revealed that the winner is none other than…Hamusuke! Is Ainz actually a furry? What a twist! Chalk up a huge win for Hamusuke. A while after this, all the ladies in Nazarick started wearing fur and animal ears, haha.

One of my favorite Overlord characters is Nabe and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she was featured in a few of the stories! One story involves her getting scolded by Ainz. Oh no! She still hasn’t quite learned how to keep her short temper in check. He makes sure to tell her that it may cost her someday. Nabe vows to make up for her mistake! In their following missions, she brings her A-game and annihilates all of their foes with ease. When it’s all said and done, Ainz praises her for doing a great job! Nabe can’t help but smile in happiness. She’s adorable when she’s smiling! In another story, Nabe wants to be more useful to Ainz when they’re blending in human society. Thus, she wants to get better at disguises. The ladies of Nazarick provided her with some outfits but they’re all too embarrassing for her! Why’d they give her a bunny suit!? On a side note, she looks good in it. Although, she’d die of embarrassment if Ainz were to see her in it…and he does. Poor Nabe. She could use some cheering up right about now! And she does, in the form of terrible puns. Nabe loves terrible puns and I find that to be hilariously adorable. There’s a story where Shizu is broken and her personality constantly changes. She tells jokes that everyone finds lame like “the Pleiades are pleasant ladies” and “the solution is Solution.” However, Nabe loves these puns and cracks up every time, haha. I can appreciate her love of terrible puns. By the way, Shizu is eventually fixed when Ainz bops her on the head. That’s how he used to fix broken appliances back in the real world and I guess it also works in Nazarick.

There are so many fun stories but my favorite is the one where Pandora’s Actor is trying to find out who killed the Prince of Fear. Just in case you forgot, the Prince of Fear is a giant cockroach. Disgusting. It’s revealed early on that Shalltear and the others were complaining to Ainz-sama about large cockroaches wandering around. He decides to get a bug trap to solve the problem. I think we can all put the pieces together. Pandora’s Actor realizes that Ainz is the culprit! Everyone else does, too! But they can’t let Ainz-sama find out that it was him. That’s why they all take the blame when questioned! However, Ainz eventually figures out that he was the one that probably killed the Prince of Fear. Everyone pretends that he never said that though, haha. Don’t worry about, Ainz. The Prince of Fear had it coming!

At the end of the manga, you can find comments from everyone that contributed a chapter to the anthology. It’s always nice to see what the different artists/authors have to say.

In Summary:
This was yet another fun installment of the Overlord a la Carte series. It’s always fun to see the usually serious characters of Overlord acting silly. I say that a lot but it’s true. The comedy was great and it delivered the quality laughs. What more can you ask for? Well, more Nabe would be awesome. More Nabe, please!

Content Grade: B+
Art Grade: A
Packaging Grade: B
Text/Translation Grade: A

Age Rating: 13 and up
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: December 17th, 2019
MSRP: $13.00 (US), $17.00 (CAN)

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