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BanG Dream! 3rd Season Episodes #04 – 05 Anime Review

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With every episode that goes by, I start becoming a bigger and bigger RAS fan.
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“Them Lil’ Octopus Sausages” and “PoPi-V!”

What They Say:
The sky’s the limit for Poppin’Party’s rocking musical ambitions and dreams of stardom. But they must contend with other bands looking for their big break as they rock their way to the top of the charts!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
It’s Rokka’s first morning as the temporary guitarist for RAISE A SUILEN. She gets a call from CHU2 telling her to hurry up and get ready for practice! By the way, it’s five in the morning. They practice quite early, huh? The early bird catches the worm, I suppose. Once she arrives at the studio, CHU2 gives her a new guitar to use. She doesn’t want to waste time with a guitar that’s treated as a pet. Now Rokka can shred to her heart’s content! Smart move, CHU2. She also announces that she’s written a new song and that they’re going to make a music video for it! I’m excited to hear this new song! PAREO notes that CHU2 took care of the music, lyrics, and arrangement all by herself. CHU2 is definitely a hard worker and you can’t deny her passion for music. Anyway, the goal of this MV is to boost their numbers and crush Roselia! PoPiPa, too! Rokka hilariously comments that she’s doing the squishing now, haha.

Speaking of adorable Rokka moments, she forgot to vote for PoPiPa last night and feels really bad about it. D’aww! As for the Poppin’ Party girls, they only have 83 votes right now. They need to get serious if they want a chance at catching up with Roselia! Ha, good luck. The day for filming RAISE A SUILEN’s music video soon arrives! They arrive at the studio and it’s quite a fancy place. Apparently, the rumor mill says that any band that films in this particular studio go on to become famous. After they get their clothes changed and makeup done, it’s time to start filming. Another adorable Rokka moment occurs when CHU2 instructs her to make finger guns and go “bang!” She does so in the most adorable way! Kawaii overload! But CHU2 wants her to look cool and has her do it again. She does it again and this time the glass in front of her breaks. Her expression to that was also adorable. Time for a quick break to get some food. While everyone is eating them lil’ octopus sausages, the RAS members recall how CHU2 scouted them. Once again, no one can deny how passionate she is about music. After lunch, the girls finishing filming and call it a day. They’ll record the song in two days. CHU2 hopes that Rokka will show her that she can become RAISE A SUILEN’s permanent guitarist.

The next day, CHU2 has the band run a test performance of the new song. She doesn’t like what she hears though. She calls out Rokka for playing alone and tells her that at this rate, she’s not going to be a permanent member of RAS. What did she do wrong? As Rokka is pondering this, Masuki drags her to a ramen shop. Rokka apologizes for bringing the band down. She tried her best to put her heart and soul into it like last time. Masuki can relate as she often loses herself to the music when she’s jamming. That’s why CHU2 is always getting on her case! But you know what? She never had a place to do that until she joined RAS. Before RAS, Masuki was known as “Mad Dog.” She would join numerous bands but they never lasted long. It wasn’t until CHU2 scouted her that she finally found the right band for her. At first, she thought CHU2 wasn’t anything special but she soon realized that her passion for music was the real deal. Rokka admits that she knows what it’s like to be alone. She wants to play with everyone else! Masuki encourages her by saying that CHU2 wouldn’t invite her to join RAS if she thought she’d drag the band down. This was a nice scene between these two. With renewed determination, Rokka goes back to the studio and asks CHU2 to let her try again. She allows it and the band practices the new song again. CHU2’s eyes sparkle as she listens to Rokka playing.

The next day, CHU2 calls Rokka over to the studio to watch the music video for their new song, “EXPOSE ‘Burn out !!!’.” And let me tell you, this music video was FREAKING awesome! The visuals were amazing. The song itself was a banger. If you haven’t listened to it, I suggest you do so RIGHT NOW! It’s so good. After the music video finishes, CHU2 is visibly pleased with how it turned out. Rokka comments that she liked everything about it. I totally get how she feels! She gives everyone some homemade riceballs and CHU2 finds them to be particularly delicious! She tells LOCK that next time she should stuff them with jerky. Wait, did she just call her LOCK? Yup, that’s right. CHU2 has given Rokka a nickname. Do you know what that means? Rokka is now officially a member of RAS! About dang time!

The girls of PoPiPa view RAISE A SUILEN’s music video and think it’s awesome! They’re not the only ones either. The MV’s view count keeps rising and RAS is now in second place in the rankings behind Roselia. Their music video is a huge success! On the other hand, Poppin’ Party is in…231st place. Dang, how many bands are competing in this thing? Kasumi suggests making their own music video. A Poppin’ Party MV! A PoPi-V! Everyone agrees that they should make one. Although. Arisa brings up a good point…has any of them ever made a music video before? Everyone lets out a dejected, “Ohhhhhh.” That was great.

At school the next day, Rokka is getting a lot of attention. That’s no surprise since the RAS MV is extremely popular! She’s glad to have finally found the band members she was searching for all along. Elsewhere, Rimi and Arisa are watching Pastel*Palettes’ music video for their song, “Luminous Once More.” They think it’s a great MV and even ask Aya and Chisato from the group to give them some pointers on creating a music video. They admit that making a music video can be quite challenging. Chisato recalls Aya falling asleep during one of their takes, haha. Adorable. Kasumi and Tae are with Rokka who has brought them a few books about making MVs. She also gives them a useful tip. They need to make sure not to focus solely on one moving part. Everything has to flow, just like a band! Pretty good advice.

The PoPiPa girls meet up at Arisa’s bonsai garden and attempt to film their music video. Arisa has been named the director and she’s very happy about it. That blush though, am I right? The next day, they look over the footage they recorded and it’s hilariously bad. Someone mentions they should have smiled more and Kokoro busts into the room out of nowhere! She ropes the PoPiPa girls into helping her with Hello, Happy World!’s recital at the kindergarten. Once it’s over, the girls are pooped. They admire the energy those kids have. Rimi starts looking through the pictures on her phone and everyone joins her. They reminisce about some of their happier moments. This gives Rimi a bright idea! They head back home and start digging through pictures that they want to put in their music video. They also plan to use some footage from their self-sponsored show. They also need pictures of bunnies in their MV. All the bunny pictures! Basically, they’re including everything they love the most in the MV. I would expect no less from Poppin’ Party! They also want to include footage with their friends from Roselia, Afterglow, Hello, Happy World!, and Pastel*Palettes. They want it all, huh? Once they’ve gathered everything, Rimi and Arisa work their magic touch.

How did their music video turn out? Honestly, it was pretty good! I really liked their “Poppin’ Shuffle” music video. It was basically like a PoPiPa memory book with the lyrics playing on the screen the entire time. I was a fan. It was so…Poppin’ Party. That’s the best way to describe it. Rimi and Arisa did a great job! Rimi is rewarded with chocolate cornets and Arisa gets praised as a queen. Well, time to post the MV online! Hold on a sec there girls! Arisa needs to catch her breath, haha. Why does she have such great reactions? Eventually, they post the MV online. Arisa starts crying when she sees that people are liking the video. D’aww, she’s so precious. Rimi falls asleep! Hey, she deserves a nap after all the hard work she put in. Elsewhere, Yukina and Lisa are leaving CiRCLE and are confronted by CHU2. She proposes that Roselia performs in the same venue as RAS so that they can see once and for all who’s the champion of this generation. Yukina accepts her challenge. Oh, snap! HYPE INTENSIFIES.

In Summary:
These double episodes are killing me! As an anime fan, it makes me happy that I get to watch two episodes a week of this great show. As a reviewer, it means more work for me. Hey, I’m lazy and I know it. Leave me alone! That being said, the third season of BanG Dream! continues to exceed my expectations. It has been an absolute pleasure seeing Rokka’s story throughout the season. I’m glad that she found the band members she’s been searching for all this time. And let’s not forget about the music! RAISE A SUILEN’s music video for “EXPOSE ‘Burn out !!!'” was simply stunning. I loved everything about it. With every episode that goes by, I start becoming a bigger and bigger RAS fan. I love all of their songs. Granted, I don’t think they’ll ever take Roselia’s spot as my favorite band but they’re up there. As for Poppin’ Party, I really liked their music video for “Poppin’ Shuffle”. It was adorable! And finally, THE CHALLENGE HAS BEEN LAID DOWN! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE ROSELIA AND RAISE A SUILEN SHOWDOWN! I CAN’T BE THE ONLY ONE, RIGHT!?

Grade: B+ (both episodes together)

Streamed By: HIDIVE, VRV

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