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Dejah Thoris #2 Review

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I’m definitely becoming more excited by this series as it progresses.

A new threat arises?

Creative Staff:
Story: Dan Abnett
Art: Vasco Georgiev
Colors: Dearbhla Kelly
Letterer: Simon Bowland

What They Say:
The epic reimagining of the world of Barsoom continues, from the minds of DAN ABNETT (Guardians of The Galaxy) and VASCO GEORGIEV (Xena Warrior Princess). The once-powerful Dejah Thoris is an outcast, her dynasty has been practically wiped out. Yet her family survives and are determined to uncover the mysterious reasons for Barsoom’s worldwide dangers. But the powerful Jeddak would rather Dejah’s entire family be…removed…

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
With a lot of Dejah Thoris stories and series out in the last few years I was definitely curious to see what Dan Abnett would bring to the property. I liked that we’ve moved ahead quite a few years and have a couple of generations of family below Dejah as that adds some real fun to it. I’ve also been really impressed with Vasco Georgiev’s artwork as the character designs are great and I love the costuming that Dejah has so far since it’s not the usual attire. But the flow and feel of the book, especially with Dearbhla Kelly’s color design and palette, it’s got a great intensity and earthiness that doesn’t overwhelm while still delivering exactly what it needs to.

The two-track approach works well in this book as I really liked the story we got with Dejah and Kanto as they’re at the atmosphere factory with a small number of guards that are there. It’s one of the most secure places on the planet but it’s been set as a deathtrap for them as a door was left open that has allowed a small group of Great White Apes to enter through. It’s dangerous and bloody as the make their way through and we see who does get killed and how Dejah and Kanto do their best to survive while trying to ensure no damage to the factory itself. Georgiev and Kelly’s artwork really shines amid all of this and it takes to a really fun level when Llana shows up and helps out. Bringing us more of her grandchildren who have Jasoom blood in them and are like their grandfather really makes for some interesting comparisons and Llana is an absolute delight in her positivity and humor as she engages in the White Apes.

The majority of that is done seriously as is the story of Tara as she’s come to Ptarth to get a lot of the family to bring them to Gathol in order to secure them from whatever it is that Kurz may be planning. That has her spending some time with Thuvia who is still pretty much in weeping widow mode over the loss of her husband a year prior, though Tara still thinks her brother is alive and out there somewhere – which means he’ll show up in this series somewhere. There’s a good bit of family introduced here and you get the touches of decadence that have naturally crept in over time to any ruling dynasty. There’s not a lot of politics explored but we see why there’s confidence and no real fear of Kurz – even though they should be. That it sets up for some other force to arrive at the end to turn the place into chaos is a twist, but not an unexpected one that will get explored next time.

In Summary:
There’s a lot to like here as the larger story is seeded a bit more and the scope of what’s under Dejah’s purview expands. Her story is kept small and simple but it highlights what she expected to happen anyway so it’s just firming that up. What we get at Ptarth is a lot more interesting since it’s material to really get into the nuts and bolts of to understand since it’s all new to me as characters that I haven’t met prior to this series. The dynamics there are fun and it has that proper next generation aspect that this whole property could utilize well to give it some freshness at times. Georgiev’s artwork is a really huge draw here as well as the action is fantastic with the Great White Apes and I love what he brings to Dejah in her design, as well as everyone else here. I’m definitely becoming more excited by this series as it progresses.

Grade: B+

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: January 22nd, 2020
MSRP: $3.99

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