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Harley Quinn Season 1 Episode #08 – L.O.D.R.S.V.P Review

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Harley gets everything she wants, but loses big along the way.

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What They Say:
Harley gets an invite to the Legion of Doom’s prospective members party, but Ivy discovers that it’s Lex Luthor (GIANCARLO ESPOSITO) they’re really after

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The Harley Quinn series continues to amuse me in how it has such solid replay value already. Usually, I need a good bit of time between a first viewing and coming back to something, even comedies. But with this show I’m watching it on the day it comes out and then a few days later with family. The laughs work just as well – if not better – and I notice more little gags and visual bits the second time around as well. I imagine this series will work well in binge form when it’s done because it is working it an overall season-length storyline with episodic focus, but it’s also delivering so much in each episode that you can feel really satisfied by what you get and not think of it is a waste of time.

The cold open for this has a fun bit with a heist in Atlantis that lets Clayface play at being Aquaman and doing it way too well in the way Clayface can. We’ve seen so many different types of Aquaman over the years and this one cracks me up since he’s got a sense of humor – even using your mom jokes. With the jewels acquired and making the news in a big way, Harley and her crew get a Legion of Doom invite to talk possibilities. It’s a fun setup that puts everything into play for Harley. It comes at a cost in some ways because Ivy’s frustrated at being included in Harley’s crew a bit since she was just helping out a friend. And it was worth it since we got to see her in a two-piece bathing suit ala Ursula Andress in Dr. No and using her abilities to work some kelp plants to take down Aquaman. Ivy moments are great moments.

The tour of the Legion of Doom headquarters is a lot of fun as there are plenty of pluses to joining for everyone and I loved seeing Harley in a “business suit” done in her style. Harley’s totally enamored with the place like everyone else but Ivy is just wary and questioning what’s happening. The reality is one that does make sense in that the Legion wants Ivy and not Harley and are using Harley to get to Ivy. And no Ivy means no Harley joining, which for best friend Ivy it means nothing good. I love that Ivy has really spent and cultivated her time so that she’s on her own and self-sufficient, not quite “evil” in the classic villain sense. She doesn’t want to be tied to any of this, she just wants plants to be treated right. Being drawn into it because of her friendship with Harley is the last thing she wants.

The arrival at Aquaman at the party is definitely fun as it puts a lot of action into motion but also comedy. With him there to find his family jewels, we get him dealing with a lot of villains including Black Manta. Harley holds up well against him at times and she gets set off big time when Ivy gets hurt. But when Harley tricks Aquaman into smashing the giant aquarium in the headquarters, all he can ear are their cries of dying as they flop about. It’s terrible and utterly hilarious. And it makes a huge impression, changing some minds about her potential as a member. But Ivy doesn’t realize this and tries to protect Harley by telling her what Luthor said. This is a pretty good split that comes between them as it plays out naturally and works some of the tensions between the two front and center. The two get into a pretty solid fight but it also shows off Harley’s lack of awareness as to what Ivy’s been going through.

In Summary:
The show gives us an amusing subplot that’s kept very slim overall with Si and Dr. Psycho as they deal with Si’s sister who is a giant tentacle monster that lives beneath the mall. It gives Si a little color with his past and pairs him with Psycho in a way that worked. But the bulk of the episode is focused on the Legion of Doom itself and the twists that unfold as it progresses. I like that it leans into the tension between Harley and Ivy and also makes it clear that Harley is pretty oblivious to things. It doesn’t mitigate what Ivy did – even if she was in the right, her execution of the reveal was wrong. I’m also glad that they’re not resolving it right away and giving it some time to breathe. Which Kite-Man may enjoy a lot if he gets more time with Ivy. Harley, for her part, is definitely going to have a struggle in the Legion and a lack of Ivy is going to make it harder.

Grade: B+

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