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The Hero vs. The Demon King With The Latest ‘Kemono Michi: Rise Up’ Anime Simulcast Clip

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An unexpected fight moment!
© Natsume Akatsuki / Mo-Suke Mattaku / Yumeuta / Kadokawa

The fall 2019 anime series Kemonomichi is getting some love from Funimation as they’re doing some new promotion for it amid their handling of it. With some simuldub clips out there so far they’re also digging in with some clips from the Japanese side. With this one, Animal Mask and MAO finally face off, but does MAO stand a chance against his enemy’s love for animals?! The series had Kazuya Miura directing based on the scripts from Touko Machida. Tomoka Noumi worked on the character designs with studio ENGI producing the animation.

The Japanese cast includes Katsuyuki Kinoshi as Genzo Shibata, Tetsu Inada as MAO, Tetsu Inada as MAO, Katsuyuki Konishi as Genzō Shibata/Kemona Mask, Arisa Sakuraba as Carmilla, Yuki Yagi as Hanako, Akira Sekine as Shigure, Rie Suegara as Hiroyuki, Hana Tamegai as Misha, Kenichiro Matsuda as Wolfgang Von Craftsman, and Taketora as Edgar.

The manga comes from Konosuba creator Natsume Akatsuki along with artists Mo-suke Mattaku and Yumeuta from Baka & Test. The series began in Shonen Ace back in 2016 and has four volumes out as of this year.

This series features the opening song “Fight! Kemoner” by NoB with Animal Mask (Katsuyuki Konishi) and an ending song “Anegdot” by Momosu Momosu.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: 3,2,1…RUMBLE! Genzo, Japan’s number one animal-loving pro-wrestler, gets transported to another world where magical beasts run rampant. In order to save the kingdom, the princess asks him to rid the world of the beasts, but he refuses and wants to save them instead! Genzo opens a pet shop for his new beast friends, but he gets too attached to them and is unable to sell them which leads to constant financial problems for his new shop! Join Genzo and his cute demi-human employees as they find loving homes for the many beasts of the kingdom!

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