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Sony Pictures Reveals ‘Whisper of the Heart’ Live-Action Sequel

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It's time to go back to this classic again.

Whisper of the Heart CoverOne of my favorite films from the Studio Ghibli library is Whisper of the Heart. The anime film, which GKIDS has released in North America in theaters and on home video, is based on the manga by Aoi Hiiragi. Sony Pictures Japan has now announced that they’re making a live-action sequel film to the novel that takes place ten years later, placing Shizuku at twenty-four.

The film is directed by Yuichiro Hirakawa and will star Nanan Seino as Shizuku and Tori Matsuszak as Seiji.

Directed by Yoshifumi Kondo based on the screenplay by Hayao Miyazaki, the film stars Issei Takahashi as Seiji Amasawa and Youko Honna as Shizuku Tsukishima. The English language cast includes Brittany Snow as Shizuku Tsukishima and David Gallagher as Seiji Amasawa.

Plot Concept: Shizuku Tsukishima, a young girl in junior high, loves to read. Yet, every time she opens a library book, it seems the same name appears on the cards: “Seiji Amasawa”. As Shizuku learns who this person is, she also begins to learn about herself and her goals in life—a discovery that will change her life forever.

[Source: ANN]

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