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AfterShock Comics Announces ‘Dead Day’ Series

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If the dead could come back for just one night, would we want them to?

AfterShock Comics has a new series kicking off in a couple of months that they’re announcing today with Dead Day. Set to debut on April 15th, 2020, the book comes from writer Ryan Parrott and artist Evgeniy Bornyakov. They’re paired with colorist Juancho Velez while Charles Pritchett is handling the lettering. The main cover is from Andy Clarke but you can see the incentive cover from Francesco Francavilla to the right.

“The premise is pretty simple: What if, every few years, some of the dead could come back for just one day?” said Parrott. “What would they do with it? How would it change our world and our perception of death? I’ve always been a fan of big event-based world building. Ones where a single moment can create a legion of individual stories, and this premise seemed to do that. For most people with family, it would probably be like Christmas. You’d get to reconnect with loved ones and reminisce. And for those without, maybe it’s one last night to cut loose. But you would also have people coming back with scores to settle and unfinished business. And that’s where Dead Day really started to take shape for me.”

Plot Concept: If the dead could come back for just one night, would we want them to?

Meet the Haskins, a seemingly normal suburban family, as they prepare for the annual macabre holiday known as “Dead Day” – when the deceased rise from the grave from sunset to sunrise. Some come back to reunite with family and friends, others for one last night of debauchery, still others with only one thing on their decomposing mind: revenge.

From writer Ryan Parrott (OBERON, VOLITION, Power Rangers) and artist Evgeniy Bornyakov (DESCENDENT, YOU ARE OBSOLETE) comes an unnerving tale of existential horror with grave consequences.

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