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‘Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland’ Anime Gets Prime Streaming

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A new place to check out the classic.

Little Nemo Adventures In SlumberlandWhile we’ve had a home video release previously for Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland, the folks at TMS Entertainment are doing some new distribution for the film. The project has now gotten its dubbed version made available via Amazon Prime for streaming for members there at no additional cost. It’s not available for separate digital streaming through rental or purchase, however. It’s in its English dubbed form with closed captions.

The film is an impressive one with the orchestral production behind it as it adapts the work of Windsor McCay. Directed by Masami Hata, it features character designs and background art from the legendary Moebius and saw Kazuhide Tomonaga and Nobuo Tomisawa serving as the chief animation directors. The film was originally released in the summer of 1989.

Plot concept: On one unforgettable night, Nemo falls asleep in his usual resistant manner. Soon, with the help of his flying pet squirrel Icarus and his friend Professor Genius, they journey together into Slumberland. Nemo is lovingly embraced by the people of Slumberland, particularly the King, who adopts Nemo and makes him heir to the throne. He is entrusted with two very special possessions: the prized Royal Scepter, and a mysterious key that unlocks all sorts of dark and dangerous secrets.

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