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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For January 12th, 2020

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So. Much. TV.
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As mentioned last week, we’re now in a two-week period where there’s very little coming on through most avenues. My TiVo to-do list is quite empty outside of recording a couple of HGTV shows through January 3rd. So that means it’s a chance to catch up on some other stuff.

We’ve got a look at the recent finale of See as well as checking out the finale for The Mandalorian and the latest on Harley Quinn.

With the broadcast side coming together this past week it was still pretty light, but at least getting back on track. I’m building up a few episodes of Evil and Emergence before I watch those in a mini-binge – especially since Emergence is just thirteen episodes. We had a bunch of sitcoms come back and Modern Family and Single Parents were delights and I continue to enjoy The Unicorn a whole lot, even if the currently storyline was doomed from the start.

I did check out the first episode of Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist and I’m on board before it ends up getting the axe. I can’t imagine filming in San Francisco is cheap – even if it looks fantastic instead of the hellscape I keep hearing it is from some politicians – and the music rights must be nuts to deal with. I liked Jane Levy from some of her early indie roles and she was a lot of fun in CAstle Rock as well, so it’s no surprise she’s fun here in doing something more upbeat and expressive. Skylar Astin’s had some decent shows and hopefully this one sticks for me. But I’m just glad to see people like Peter Gallagher here, dealing with a real disease, as well as Mary Steenburgen. Plus, Lauren Graham! Regardless, the concept is the right kind of silly where she’s able to hear what people are thinking through song but it’s a fun way to explore people, their secrets, and real feelings. Watch the pilot below.

On the streaming side, I dipped back into Netflix to try and make a little progress on a couple of shows. I wrapped up the rest of Criminal: Germany (which was the weakest one I think) and burned through Criminal: France. I’m now digging into the Spain episode and am glad these are just three episodes long. They’re really neat ideas and a look at police/detective/investigative work that I like, regardless of how close to reality they may be.

One show that’s been in my queue forever that I’m trying to clean up is My Husband Won’t Fit. Based on the autobiographical manga itself, it does play out like a solid drama that you’d expect with all the natural and needed culturalisms to Japan as we deal with a couple that has a big problem. I’ve read plenty of criticism and praise for it since it came out and get both sides, but for those that are familiar with Japan and it’s actual culture, it’s no surprise that the issue of compatibility sexually was not dealt with openly by the couple or in ways to try and find out more about it. It takes place over quite a few years and I’m only on the third episode so I know there are some complicated elements ahead, but it’s very well told overall if you’re willing to stop saying “Here’s what I would have done!”

And it’s true. I’m on my fifth viewing of Star Trek: Discovery. I’ve seen the show with different people over time as they end up binging it – and that’s after seeing it just by myself. My latest round is introducing my mother to it and we just wrapped up the first season. We’ll take a break for a bit before going into the second because she wants to focus on the upcoming Picard series, which I’m totally okay with – at least until we get a third season date for Discovery and we have to hurry up on the second season.


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