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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For January 12th, 2020

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What have you been watching?

A new week in movies and we’ve managed to get through a few projects new and old alike. The new film was catching the Thursday night preview for 1917, a film I had definitely been looking forward to simply for the visual design and what Roger Deakins can accomplish. Check out our full review. Next weekend potentially gives me a couple of choices. I’m likely to see Bad boys for Life because some big silly action fun with a reliable cast feels up my alley. I’m really wary of Dolittle because it just looks… eh. The weekend otherwise has limited releases for The Wave and VHYes which likely won’t be in my area. So, a bit limited.

In stepping into the past this week, I did load up some fun movies as I whittle away at things I’ve wanted to revisit. One of those was the 1984 film Firestarter. Supposedly, Universal and Blumhouse were putting together a remake in 2018 but it’s been dead quiet since then. And it really is surprising that this film has not gotten a sequel in this day and age or a reboot. There are plenty of elements to connect to other projects, ala the Shop, and Drew Barrymore in a sequel in the present day could be fascinating to show how she lived her life since the events here. And/or her kids if they inherited abilities. Revisiting this was a lot of fun as it’s a film that works better for me than most King adaptations from this time period.

I hadn’t seen Moonraker in ages so this one came up in the queue and it was just as I remembered it to be. There are some neat things to it, some great locations and some great sets for the time considering they were trying to ride the Star Wars wave. The Roger Moore era, which is when I grew up with them, just wasn’t for me. I was always a Connery fan first as I had devoured those tapes and didn’t see a Moore film in the theater until his last one with A View to a Kill. This film has a lot of the trademarks of the Moore era, though, but some of it is dialed back a bit more than others. And I’ll say that Jaws grew on me over the years, though still not one of my favorite aspects of the franchise.

Every time this comes up in my queue, I realize just how poorly Heavy Metal has aged. I remember it being such a radical and subversive piece back when it came out but what the hell did I know at 12? There are interesting things to it and I wish it had managed to generate more interest in non-kiddified animation in theaters, but cultural the US just wasn’t going to be there at this point and still largely isn’t. Still, it’s an important piece of animation history and worth checking out *NSFW TRAILER*

I have a real love of the original film for The Time Machine but I also really enjoyed what they attempted to do with the 2002 incarnation. With a solid cast and an obviously better way to look at the future through it, the film sticks to the original ideas well enough but does get a bit more caught up in the special effects than it should. I do wish it had done better as I’d love to see an adaptation of The Time Ships in feature film, if only to get a better handle on some of the concepts presented there in visual form.


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