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I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level Vol. #06 Light Novel Review

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The fun never ends … or does it ever stop?

Creative Staff:
Original Story: Kisetsu Morita
Illustrations By: Benio
Translation: Taylor Engel

What They Say:
I’ve been single for 300 years – why stop now?

My slow life (mis)adventures just won’t stop. Natalie wanted me to go to a mixer with her to help her find a husband (and we did have a wedding, just not the kind you’d expect), Laika participated in a martial arts tournament, and we even went to visit Halkara’s family! Our beach trip in the south was a nice break, though…

(And Beelzebub is back with more stories from her early days as the minister of agriculture! Who knew demons could be such a headache?!)

Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
After meeting Yufufu at the World Spirit Summit and being so welcomed by this buxom being, Azusa cannot but feel a certain maternal bond and now after having developed a close relationship felt obliged to calling her Momma. She has been on this world for over three hundred years and during all that time has never been able to turn to anyone for parental advice, so when this droplet spirit offered a caring ear and a warm, if somewhat moist, bosom to be smothered in for a cherished hug, who was the Witch of the Highlands to turn her down. And so with this motherly connection now fully formed, how can she not feel comfortable in staying at her house when this parent wants for someone else to dote on her, instead of being relied upon as being the responsible one? This is how Azusa was spending the afternoon, alone with this overly indulgent water spirit discussing family problems and being soothed as if she was her own mother from a previous life. But after they discuss the newest member of the family, a rather stubborn mandragora named Sandra, Momma suggests her new daughter take a nap as she prepares lunch, to which the visitor readily agrees, only to woken a short time later to a heaping helping of mushroom spaghetti.

While digging into the delicious plate of pasta, it is only then does her daughter ask the name of the colorful red fungi littering the landscape, having seen them before and somehow having bad memories in consuming this vegetable. However when Momma replies it is called a gnomesform and she eats them due the delightful crunchy texture, it is only then does the witch remember the peculiar effect it has on humans – shrinking them to the size of children, while spirits like herself have no deleterious problems. Azusa knew she had seen it before, but now it is too late and she soon found her field of view being reduced to that of a toddler and the resultant glee of Yufufu lifting her high into the air as her family had done before. Although Eno’s mandragora pills could cure her, it was only then did this surrogate ask for a peculiar favor: could she treat her like a real mother for now?

Though this request did seem a bit strange since Azusa had been lounging around the house like a daughter on vacation, Momma Yufufu did not want this relationship, but one of a little girl with her mommy, something completely different in her mind. Since she didn’t have any children of her own, this logic did not sound unreasonable, but the new child had one condition of her own – allow Sandra to join as a younger daughter. The plant had been alive longer than the witch and never knew the warmth of a real family, so this seemed to be best chance for the plant to be welcomed into such an opportunity, to which the spirit happily agreed. And while the mandragora was a bit condescending upon hearing the situation, she agreed to the arrangement, and by the evening both Azusa and Sandra had become Momma Yufufu’s new daughters.

After a memorable excursion at Momma Yufufu’s house as being her daughter, Azusa returned to normal via Eno’s pills and spent the day with Flatorte in Flatta, gathering gems from slimes along the way, and stopping by the Guild to turn them in. As always the friendly receptionist Natalie greeted them warmly, however this time she seemed a bit distracted counting their treasure and responded with a strange response of noting both the witch and blue dragon were rather attractive. Not being able to help asking about the odd observation, Azusa questioned as to why she acting weirdly and employee could not but sigh in frustration, casually sliding a flyer over the counter. It was an advertisement announcing something called Tazine Singles’ Party, calling for people from other villages to come meet beautiful men and women plus enjoy a ceremony at the pine tree temple of Misjantie. After handing over the paper, it was obvious Natalie was a bit embarrassed, for thanks to the Witch of the Highlands’ medicines the population of Flatta had grown steadily, but this port town found itself dwindling since not many young people desired to get up early just to fish. The cooperative effort run through the Guild was an effort to draw more people to this slowly vanishing town, and while they had tried different preventative measures in the past, this one may be the last time they would be able to save the village.

When Azusa pressed Natalie what would happen to Flatta if she left to be married in another town, it was apparent the girl panicked at the thought, expressing in excitement and desperation she never intended such an action, but if she didn’t send anyone from the village to this mixer, it was certain her supervisor would have a stern discussion waiting at a later date. Trying to please her boss was something the witch remembered from a former life, and it seemed this practice was the same in this world, understanding the shame of not being able to do something at a time of crisis. The receptionist even suggested they could go only to sightsee, just please attend this gathering, at least if people saw someone beautiful like her then they might think about coming next time. However the main problem for many people from Flatta was the distance – with Tazine being on the coast it would be difficult for most citizens to travel that length for such a frivolous adventure, but thanks to a certain blue dragon this would not be an issue. Thus the decision was made, and with both Azusa and Flatorte attending the student declared there would be someone else coming too – since Natalie herself was single and could not find anyone aside from adventurers, they volunteered the Guild employee to come as well, much to shocked surprise and unfounded reaction.

Upon arriving at the pine tree surrounded village, the trio soon found themselves on their way, with Halkara in tow with the express choice of wanting to see what kind of mushrooms grew by the seashore. However after coming to the outskirts of the town, it was much more deserted than they expected, which was ironic since the pine spirit Misjantie was also thought of as a mediator for marriages, with the combining of roots being a symbol for the ceremony. But after navigating past the forest, they soon saw a banner boasting of Tazine Boys’ Club with an elderly gentleman manning the table, looking to be at least in his sixties. When Natalie approached and asked where the Singles’ Party was, he immediately brightened up and told the girls to go further into the village. It was only then did they spot the table and a group of older men standing around it, drinking and playing chess, all while complaining about their recent health problems. The greeter then explained they couldn’t have a proper festival at the temple with their lagging population, so he was please such beautiful girls showed up, with the only reason he was put at the front was since he is the youngest, with the average being about sixty-seven. So much for boys in the Boys’ Club … but with Natalie now resolved on giving up on Tazine, she was determined to find someone in Flatta. However since they were here, Azusa and the others decided to do some sightseeing, but with the town in such a deserted shambles, there wasn’t much hope for anything else to be of interest, aside from the hopefully the Misjantie Temple.

In Summary:

It was a pleasant surprise to have this welcomed volume from Morita-sensei open with one of my favorite developments from the series – the return to toddler Azusa. When she was first introduced I was sincerely disappointed to see this plot point resolved so quickly, but now that we know the Witch of the Highlands can revert back to this form by simply eating a poisonous mushroom, the possibilities expand especially when you involve Momma Yufufu. It was delightful to see someone who appeared to a one time character now come into her own, a heartwarming elemental who serves as a parental sounding board for Azusa and allows her to feel comfortable airing out her own complaints. One cannot but be wildly amused by her overwhelming insertion into the family, plus the hope of watching Sandra expand her own emotional growth through the interaction with the droplet spirit is greatly appreciated; before this plant was isolated from the others, seemingly only joining the house in the highlands for protection from people who would use her as medicine, but now this change allows for new prospects, not only for the mandragora but also for those who call her family.

And while the other incidents from this slice of life story were wonderfully satisfying, it was the introduction of Halkara’s family which seemed to have the most potential, even though Morita-sensei did not follow through with this comical escapade. It is hard to believe there are others as danger prone and scatter brained as our busty elf, and yet how else could she have developed this personality, all with the story coming full circle exposing the truth behind this group and why she feels as she does about them and leaving home. Hopefully there will be more adventures involving them since Halkara has decided to be more involved with the city again, but until then we can always be amusingly sated by the further adventures of the fledgling minister Beelzebub and how she tries to improve herself into the amazing demon she is now. It is hard to imagine the Lord of Flies was once a commoner and promoted by the mischievous Pecora, but you can see how she shines at every opportunity through sheer determination, trying to improve to herself and show those passed over she is worthy of the Demon King’s trust and admiration … all as there are inklings of what may happen shining happily through.

I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level continues to fascinate the reader with escapades into the life of a woman who endeavors to have as much fun as possible with a family who accepts each other – with all of their own faults. You cannot laugh or smile with each new adventure, no matter how ridiculous the situation, they always find a way to resolve it in unique ways all as the reader shakes their head in amazement to see what will happen next. You have to admire Azusa’s choices: to live her life in a relaxing way, but as always trouble seems to find its way toward her, and yet she never gives up and accepts the consequences as more hilarity ensues with each comical day.

Content Grade: A+
Art Grade: A+
Packaging Grade: A+
Text/Translation Grade: A+

Age Rating: 13 & Up
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: December 24, 2019
MSRP: $14.00

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