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BanG Dream! 3rd Season Episode #01 Anime Review

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With the announcement of the BanG Dream! Girls Band Challenge, we know that we're in store for a lot of amazing performances this season.
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“It’s the Ultimate Dream, Don’t You Think?!”

What They Say:
The sky’s the limit for Poppin’Party’s rocking musical ambitions and dreams of stardom. But they must contend with other bands looking for their big break as they rock their way to the top of the charts!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Representatives for the BanG Dream! Girls Band Challenge are discussing possible venues for the finals. The BanG Dream! is finally happening! I’m pretty excited about that. Someone suggests CiRCLE and everyone seems to like the idea. However, they’re not sure if they should use the same venue more than once and CiRCLE is already being used as a venue for the preliminaries. Marina, who we know works at CiRCLE, suggests the Budokan. Everyone is shocked by the suggestion. After all, the Budokan is a grand stage! Marina explains that these girls work hard and they deserve to perform on the stage of their dreams. I wholeheartedly agree! It ain’t going to be easy though.

Rokka is reminiscing about her summer. She went to the pool with Asuka and the others. She even ran into Poppin’ Party at the festival! Yup, it was a great summer for her. But alas, it’s back to work now. At school, Arisa is handing out dango to everyone. She seems to be in a good mood! It’s because PoPiPa is going to practice at the warehouse today. They haven’t had the chance in a while. Elsewhere, CHU2 is trying to find a guitarist for RAISE A SUILEN. It’s not going well. No one is meeting her standards. RAISE A SUILEN is the ultimate band, they can’t have a half-assed guitar. Rei wonders if they’re going to be using a backing track forever. CHU2 once again states that they have to find the ultimate guitarist first or else they can’t crush Roselia and Poppin’ Party. She really wants to kick their butts! CHU2 tells PAREO to bring in the next guitarist auditioning. She informs her that there’s no one left and CHU2 can only respond, in perfect English, with an exasperated, “Really?” The way she said it was hilarious and I replayed it a few times. I love it when CHU2 talks in English.

The Poppin’ Party girls stop by Saya’s place for some sweets and then head over to Galaxy. They’re surprised to learn of the BanG Dream! Girls Band Challenge and that the finals will be held at the Budokan! Way to go Marina, you’re the real MVP for making this happen. Naturally, they’re all excited about this opportunity as are the members of Afterglow and Roselia who are also there. Well, everyone except Yukina. She’s focused on preparations for FUTURE WORLD FES and doesn’t plan to enter the BanG! Dream. This makes Ako and Marina sad. Roselia not being there is a huge loss.

PoPiPa and Rokka are excitedly talking about BanG Dream! Kasumi mentions that Arisa once mentioned going to the Budokan. She embarrassingly admits that she just wanted to share a goal with everyone. D’aww, adorable. After teasing her a bit, the other girls declare their intention to make it to the Budokan. Kasumi asks Rokka to join Poppin’ Party and go with them. As much as she loves PoPiPa, she can’t bring herself to join them. She’s still hoping to start her own band. Can’t blame her for that.

CHU2 is watching some of Roselia’s performances and she can’t help but be entranced by them. PAREO walks by and comments that she must really love Roselia. CHU2 denies that claim and says she’s just doing research! Totally! Although, she does admit that they’re sweet and excellent. But the stronger they are, the sweeter her revenge is going to be! She still can’t forgive Yukina for refusing her as Roselia’s producer. No wonder she’s obsessed with revenge. PAREO pokes fun at her and they hilariously banter back and forth. These two are great together. As PAREO leaves to get some jerky, CHU2 comes across Rokka’s performance at the cultural festival. She has found her guitarist!

The next day, PAREO visits Poppin’ Party while they’re practicing at the warehouse and gives them an invitation. She also visits Rokka at Galaxy and hands her one as well. The girls have been given tickets to RAISE A SUILEN’s concert. PoPiPa and Rokka decide to attend the concert and even run into the members of Roselia. It’s a packed house! RAISE A SUILEN are very popular it seems. They’re even calling themselves the new leaders of the Girl Band Generation. Yukina wonders what CHU2 is playing at. The girls watch RAISE A SUILEN perform and they can’t deny that they’re really good. CHU2 gets on the mic and announces that they’re entering the BanG Dream! competition. She also proclaims that they’re going to beat Poppin’ Party and Roselia to a pulp! And to do that, she’s scouting Rokka! A spotlight shines on a bewildered Rokka as the episode ends.

In Summary:
I have been playing the BanG Dream! mobile game ever since its worldwide launch. I have been a big fan of the franchise ever since that day. It’s no surprise that I’d pick up the anime along the way. It’s also no shocker that I quite enjoy the anime. Why wouldn’t I? I already know all these characters very well. I’ve been invested in their story for years. That being said, this was a fun episode. With the announcement of the BanG Dream! Girls Band Challenge, we know that we’re in store for a lot of amazing performances this season. I can’t wait to see what songs the bands will play. I especially can’t wait to see those Roselia performances! If you couldn’t tell, I am a Roselia fan. I still find CHU2’s grudge against Yukina and Roselia to be adorable. We all know she’s totally a Roselia fan, too. Her English is great by the way, haha. If Rokka joins RAISE A SUILEN, CHU2 would be one step closer to crushing Roselia! But will she? Anyway, bring on the music! My body is ready.

Grade: B

Streamed By: HIDIVE, VRV

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