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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For January 5th, 2020

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So. Much. TV.

As mentioned last week, we’re now in a two-week period where there’s very little coming on through most avenues. My TiVo to-do list is quite empty outside of recording a couple of HGTV shows through January 3rd. So that means it’s a chance to catch up on some other stuff.

We’ve got a look at the recent finale of See as well as checking out the finale for The Mandalorian and the latest on Harley Quinn.

I had watched the first half of For All Mankind the week prior and this week finished it up. I really, really, enjoyed this show. With its alternate history take and actively moving forward instead of focusing on just one particular place in time, it delivered some pretty great experiences. Working an extended stay on the moon for one group of astronauts over multiple episodes showcased the problems that come from that which are always being worked on but I also enjoyed the way that the Soviet side played out as it became more directly involved in what was going on.


Beyond that, I didn’t take in too much this week outside of some sitcom material. The queue is empty but I had picked up the first season of Single Parents on iTunes where the 24-episode season was just $4.99. Which is a steal. The show was one that I passed on initially when it first came out as the pilot didn’t do much for me and the kids bugged me too much. But I caught the second season and saw that it found a good groove to it all and went back to explore the first season which worked far better when you can see the bigger threads at play with the solid cast.

Weirdly, I spent no time on Hulu or Netflix this past week. I actually spent some time watching Discovery with my mother as it’s her first time going through the first season.



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