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KAZÉ Deutschland Reveals First ‘Schwarzesmarken’ German Anime Dubbed Trailer

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Muv Luv Schwarzesmarken
© Koki Yoshimune-ixtl / TV TOKYO / ALTERNATIVE 2nd Project

The Kaze Deutschland release of the Schwarzesmarken anime series brought out its first volume earlier this month on December 5th, 2019. That went by a bit quietly and we now have a new trailer highlighting it with the German language dub. The set, priced at 49.95 euros, features the first six episodes of the series. Amusingly, they’ve made it clear that they’ve made the names in proper German here where needed compared to the Japanese interpretation of the naming, so there are differences.

The series was directed by Tetsuya Watanabe based on the series composition by Tatsuto Higuchi. Character designs were done by Shuuichi Hara while ixtl and LIDENFILMS handled the animation with SANZIGEN handling the CG animation. The opening song was performed by fripSide with the song being titled 1983-Schwarzesmarken.

The cast includes Kenichi Suzumura as Theodor Eberbach, Minami Tanaka as Katia Waldheim, Nozomi Yamamoto as Irisdina Bernhard, Yoshino Nanjou as Lise Hohenstein, Chika Anzai as Anett Hosenfeld, Kiyono Yasuno as Gretel Jeckeln, Emiri Kato as Pham Thi-Rang, Michiyo Murase as Sylvia Kschessinska, Kenta Miyake as Walther Krüger, Yukari Tamura as Beatrix Brehme, Ken Narita as Heinz Axmann and Manami Numakura as Kirce Steinhoff.

Plot concept: In 1983, the East German Army 666th TSF Squadron, “Schwarzes marken,” is a special-response force tasked with assaulting BETA forces. They specifically target Laser and Heavy Laser class BETA to disable their enemy’s immense firepower. This merciless team’s orders are given the highest priority, and they follow them so exactly that the 666th is known to ignore allied distress calls that would interfere with an ongoing mission, even if only for a moment.

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