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Marvel Sets New ‘Cable’ Series

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See Cable like you’ve never seen him, and witness the dawn of rebellion this March!

Marvel Comics has had a couple of Cable ongoing series before but this new one set for a March 2020 debut looks lik eit’s going to ake us to some new places. “This action-packed series will be a perfect storm of adventurous fun and high-stakes thrills, with monsters, space prophecies, romance, and of course, explosions!” as it comes from writer Gerry Duggan, who has gotten a lot of acclaim previously for Deadpool and recently for Marauders, and working with artist Phil Noto coming off his Star Wars run.

“I’m thrilled to be back working in the X-Universe and very happy to get the band back together with my buddy, Gerry Duggan,” says Noto. “Cable’s always been a favorite of mine and it’s fun to work in a painterly style again ala Black Widow. Very excited for people to read this book. I think we’re doing something really special. Stay tuned!”

Plot Concept: Once a grizzled old war veteran from an apocalyptic future, Cable has a new lease on life as a young mutant living on the mutant paradise Krakoa, but you can’t keep a good soldier down! Ready for adventure and looking for trouble, Nathan Summers will be headlining an all-new solo series this March that will take the son of Cyclops to places he’s never gone before. Cable has always been destined for greatness, whether that be saving mutantkind, sparking rebellion, or both! But why wait? That destiny starts right here, right now! And as no stranger to taking promising young mutants under his wing, expect to see some of your favorite younger X-Men like Pixie and Armor along for the ride!

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