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Aniplex USA Brings Both ‘Magi’ Anime Series To Funimation

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Magi Anime HeaderAniplex USA is continuing to bring over some of its titles to the Funimation streaming service now that they’re cousin-companies under Sony. The latest addition is the first season of Magi with The Labyrinth of Magic and the second season with The Kingdom of Magic. Both seasons are available in full in both their English dubbed form and their English subtitled form.

The 2012 anime series was based on the manga by X and was directed by Koji Masunari based on the series composition by Hiroyuki Yoshino. Toshifumi Akai served as the chief animation director and character designer with animation production handled by A-1 Pictures.

The main Japanese cast includes Haruka Tomatsu as Morgiana, Kaori Ishihara as Aladdin and Yuuki Kaji as Alibaba Saluja while the main English cast includes Cristina Vee as Morgiana, Erica Mendez as Aladdin, and Erik Scott Kimerer as Alibaba Saluja.

Plot concept: The bond has become stronger between Aladdin and the others following their great battles within the Zagan dungeon. But, each member knew that it was time for them all to move on from the Kingdom of Sindria in order to reach their own goals. Aladdin heads to the magical land of Magnoshutatt where he enrolls as an exchange student at their Magic Academy and befriends his roommate Sphintus and the genius Mage Titus. However, peaceful days at the academy are suddenly interrupted when Headmaster Mogamett declares war on the Leam Empire claiming that this was the only way to protect their land! What will Aladdin do…and will he ever see Alibaba and the others again?!

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