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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For December 8th, 2019

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So. Much. TV.

The countdown is on and we’re basically waiting for the next season of The Expanse later this week. So there’s a push to clear up a few things so I can just binge the hell out of that as quickly as possible. We’ve got a look at the finale of See as well as checking out the latest for The Mandalorian and the latest on Harley Quinn.

We’ve burned through a bunch of shows recently to get caught up in a few areas and we recently talked about Man in the High Castle and Bess of Both Worlds. This past week had us seeing some snow days and that just made for its own complications, but did get caught up on a few things. This was primarily focused on The CW shows as Crisis gets underway this week. That meant a mad dash to hit up six or so Flash episodes after getting caught up with the latest Supergirl. I’m excited to see how they’re going to try and spin this going forward with potential changes to the shows as it’s a rare opportunity to reconfigure things as you need to. Plus, the last batch of Arrow episodes have been fantastic, reinforcing why we’re going to miss the show.

Riverdale continues to be bonkers. How much more can be said beyond that? They did an episode where the kids meet the guidance counselor and all their crap comes out in a three-line summation and you remember just how crazy it all is the last few seasons. I loves it.

One of the dark horse shows for the fall season for me has been Evil and the latest episode, focusing on an agent/devil creating incels, was one of its strongest yet. It’s been built up over a few episodes and to see it reach this point is chilling.

Sitcoms have been fun with a good Modern Family hitting and the latest Schooled making me pretty happy.

Background binging was light this week as clearing snow took up the extra time but I did finally finish the third season of Wynona Earp. I have a low tolerance for some of these Canadian genre shows – Lost Girl was a big struggle as well – because they’re on the cusp of being really good but something in style, acting, or production design just keeps it from getting over that hurdle and it remains light-camp.






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