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Days of Urashimasakatasen Episode #10 Anime Review

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What They Say:
School life — it’s an experience that everyone should have, and no one should take for granted. Of course, everyone knows that the most enviable way to spend high school is as the most popular person in class. Transfer student Urata has decided that his high school debut will be brilliant, and as he reaches nervously for the door — it happens. In his way stand fellow high school students Shima, Sakata, and Senra! Are they enemies? Allies? Or something else entirely?! This heart-pounding transfer school youth story is about to begin! less

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With a local tough guy making an appearance in the previous episode and making threats against the club for perceived slights, the show moves into more of it this time around. The club has managed to survive well for the first three months of its existence, coasting along as it were, and now they’ve made it back to their room where there’s a gift-wrapped box waiting for them. REvealing it to be a bomb that they have to defuse within ten minutes is pretty amusing and watching them go into bomb squad mode only to discover they’re locked in is definitely comical. Will this stretch out for the remainder of the run though?

In Summary:
Facing their latest threat isn’t an easy thing considering it’s a freakin’ bomb in a box but watching them panic certainly has its moments as they do their best. It’s got about six minutes on the counter o I can see it working for another episode or two in order to bring it full close. It’s amusing watching the guys struggle with the problem since there’s no quick and easy solution to this, though hopefully one appears soon.

Grade: C+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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