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Azur Lane Episode #09 Anime Review

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This episode may give you diabetes because of how sweet it was.
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“HOPE – Light Shines Through The Darkness”

What They Say:
Azur Lane, a combination of all the different Camps in the world, was once successful in repelling the underwater menace, the Siren. Now splintered, they must face a new threat in Red Axis, former allies who crave to wield this otherworldly Siren technology for their own nefarious desires! Who will be victorious in the never-ending war between these battleship girls!?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Ayanami awakens inside the Azur Lane base. How’d she get here? She’s told by Aircraft Carrier Ark Royal that she fell unconscious after the battle and they picked her up. Technically, she’s a prisoner of war right now. Elsewhere, Laffey and Javelin are getting scolded for being reckless. All to save an enemy, too! Belfast tries to take the blame for them but they’re not getting off that easy. They’re assigned to prisoner supervision duty. Basically, it means that they get to spend time with Ayanami. Not much of a punishment, am I right? Though it is nice that they let Laffey and Javelin hang out with Ayanami. After those two leave, the rest of the shipgirls discuss the Black Cube. It’s been acting quite strange ever since the battle and they don’t know what it means. What about Enterprise? Belfast reports that they’ve done extensive diagnostics on her but so far they have found nothing out of the ordinary.

Speaking of Enterprise, she’s looking out at the ocean by herself. She still doesn’t understand many things such as the beauty of the ocean. The only thing she does know is that she must continue to fight. Somewhere else, Javelin and Laffey are excitedly showing Ayanami around the base. They cross paths with the adorable group of shipgirls that call themselves the Little Beavers. They tell Ayanami that they respect her for risking her life to protect a friend. That’s true justice! They also praise Laffey and Javelin for doing the same. If they ever need help, the Little Beavers got their back! They’re just too cute. As the scurry away, Laffey remarks that no one here resents Ayanami. While that may be true, it all still feels weird to her. Also, Ark Royal is following them for some reason? Anyway, the group heads for the shop to buy Ayanami some necessities. She’s surprised to see Akashi there. Akashi tells her about Akagi and Ayanami starts to worry about the future of the Sakura Empire. By the way, Ark Royal is still following them. I didn’t realize she was a stalker.

What’s going on with the Sakura Empire shipgirls? The members of the Ayanami fan club are all crying because they let her get captured by the enemy. Zuikaku also starts crying and blames herself for letting Ayanami fall into enemy hands as well. They argue back-and-forth about who’s to blame and honestly, I found it to be adorable. On the Iron Blood side, they shipgirls are discussing why they haven’t helped the Sakura Empire. Well, everyone but Prinz Eugen. She’s too busy teasing the others, particularly Z23. Classic Prinz Eugen. The Royal Navy fleet is watching Queen Elizabeth play a round of golf. Why do the Sirens attack humanity? This is the tough question they’re all pondering. They still haven’t found the answer. What they do know is that they need to keep an eye on Enterprise. It’s a good thing they have Belfast on the case! Back at the base, Belfast is being lectured by Illustrious. Everything is as she said before – Enterprise is powerful but she has a fragile heart that makes her a risk. Belfast admits that it was unavoidable but Enterprise must face herself now. Will she recover? Who knows? Only time will tell. I’m sure Belfast believes she will.

Javelin, Laffey, and Ayanami continue to explore the base. They stop shopping and decide to play for the rest of the day. Cute shipgirls gotta do those cute shipgirl things! Unicorn also joins in on the fun. They get their fortunes read, play some games, and eat delicious pancakes together. There’s an amusing moment where Laffey takes a strawberry from Ayanami’s plate. This gets her peeved and the two proceed to have a fork and knife fight, haha. I probably found that way more entertaining than I should have. Once again, Ark Royal is following the group and gets a nosebleed from watching them. Ah, so she’s a stalker and likes little shipgirls. A lolishipcon? It makes perfect sense now. At night, the group is eating dinner and one of the shipgirls in the kitchen cuts her finger by accident. Out of nowhere, Ark Royal grabs the girl’s finger and attempts to lick it but gets headbutted for her troubles. I guess she’s also a pervert.

We can’t forget about Kaga! Observer and Tester are whispering sweet nothings into her ears. What are they planning? Back to the base, it’s the middle of the night and Ayanami can’t seem to fall asleep. She decides to take a stroll outside and comes across Enterprise. I’ve been waiting for these two to talk to each other! Ayanami confides in her that she’s confused. Azur Lane is her enemy but everyone is so nice to her. Why are they enemies in the first place? She seems to understand less and less every day. Enterprise asks her if she wants to keep fighting? Ayanami doesn’t know but what she does know is that she dislikes fighting. Enterprise smiles and says she’s the same before walking off. I was hoping their conversation would last longer. Ayanami goes to the place where she first met Javelin, Laffey, and Unicorn. To her surprise, those three join her a few moments later. The episode ends with all of them reintroducing themselves. That was quite charming. Ayanami has a precious smile.

In Summary:
This episode may give you diabetes because of how sweet it was. There were just so many adorable moments. Cute shipgirls doing cute things, what more can you ask for? The last two episodes focused on fighting and I’m glad we got a breather from that this week. It was good timing. Honestly, as much as I love seeing some good action, I also enjoy seeing the shipgirls going about their everyday lives and strengthening their bonds. It’s relaxing. And just remember, the power of friendship prevails over all.

Grade: C+

Streamed By: Funimation

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