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WATCH: 10(ish) Questions With Juliet Simmons

1 min read
Juliet Simmons is taken to task!

Juliet Simmons has been a part of the anime world professionally since 2013 and has built up a significant number of roles and acclaim – and that’s after doing a lot of anime cover songs on YouTube prior to that where she’s closing in on 300 million views.

HIDIVE has put together a nearly fourteen-minute video with her that delves into everything she’s done over the years plus a lot of other quirky questions that she’s more than game for. Simmon’s first role, I believe, was with Shining Hearts back in 2013 and still gets involved in anime now, with a role this year in Kampfer while last years she got to play the biggest role of all with Hello Kitty. Playing that role means you have well and truly arrived, seriously.

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