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Didn’t I say to make my abilities average in the next life?! Episodes #07 – 09 Anime Review

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This show continues to be enjoyably silly.
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Revenge is sweet and so is having fun at the beach. Wyvern hunting ain’t bad either.

What They Say:
Kurihara Misato was a little more capable than other high school girls, and as a result, she was always alone and couldn’t live her life the way she wanted. When she was reincarnated in another world after a tragic accident, she wanted a chance to make normal friends and live a normal life. So she asked God for one thing… “Give me abilities that are average for that world!” But the abilities God gave her were not “average” at all… And now this girl, who’s been reborn in a world where magic is real, struggles to find simple, ordinary happiness!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The girls have been working nonstop for the last few months and they’re exhausted. It’s about time for a little break, yeah? They all agree to get some much needed R&R. Vacation time, baby! Mile oversleeps and wakes up to see Pauline organizing the Crimson Vow’s finances. Apparently, she can recall all the money they’ve earned and spent. She never forgets anything regarding money. She’s truly terrifying! They both head over to a nearby cafe where Mavis is reading a book and enjoying a cup of tea. She’s giving off an elegant aura. She looks just like a prince! Mile compares her to Oscar from The Rose of Versailles. I appreciate that reference. What’s Reina up to? Well, she’s out shopping for cute accessories. That seems perfectly normal but she’s afraid that the other girls will make fun of her for liking such things. That’s why she went alone. She meets Lenny while shopping and they bond over their love for accessories.

Mile and Pauline return to their room. Pauline is going to continue organizing their finances. I guess that means Mile has some alone time now. She brags that she’s a pro at killing time because she never had friends in her previous life. I don’t think that’s something to brag about. It’s quite sad really. On top of that, she can’t do any of the things she did in her previous life in her current one. Television, video games, internet, manga…yeah, none of that exists here. Okay, so what can Mile do? She decides to practice the jumping dogeza. You never know when that extreme apologizing technique will come in handy! After perfecting it, she tries to kill her boredom by doing a bunch of random things until the others come to get her. It seems like they got bored, too. It’s definitely better when they’re all together and having fun.

The next day, the other girls let Mile decide what to do. She decides that she wants to go sunbathing at the beach with everyone. Yup, it’s the token beach episode. What’s funny about this is that going to the beach isn’t common in this world. The others don’t know what to expect but agree since Mile is super excited about it. Well, excited may be an understatement. Mile goes nuts and makes a whole bunch of items that we’re used to seeing at the beach such as swimming tubes, water guns, beach balls, etc. But most importantly, she made everyone swimsuits! The girls are hesitant to wear them since they expose so much skin. They aren’t used to wearing so little. That’s understandable. Mile unleashes the flying dogeza technique that she practiced yesterday and begs them to wear their swimsuits. They have no choice but to agree. As they each reveal their swimsuits, Mile marvels at her genius for choosing the perfect one for each girl. Now it’s time for some fun in the sun! Mile reminds everyone that they are not here to swim but to frolic in the shallows while giggling and squealing. This made me laugh more than it should have. Everyone enjoys their time at the beach. At the end of the day, the villagers notice the girls and are shocked at the sight. They can’t believe they’re almost naked in public. How shameless! The girls are forced to run away in embarrassment.

Pauline disappears one day and everyone wonders where she went. Mavis receives a letter from her younger older brother that states he’s getting married. It seems he’s marrying the daughter of the Beckett Company…Pauline. Oh my! Let’s not forget Pauline’s situation. When she was younger, her father was killed by a rival and he took his company. Pauline decided to become a Hunter in order to gain enough power to defeat him. She craves that sweet, sweet revenge. Back at home, she’s told will become the adopted daughter of Viscount Boardman and be married off to the Austien family. Don’t forget that Mavis’s family is a distinguished military nobility. This marriage is beneficial to Viscount Boardman because it gets him closer to the royal family. The Austien family gains financial support which they desire since waging war always costs money. It’s a win-win for both families, supposedly anyway.

Pauline has the urge to strike the viscount down with her magic right here, with now. She can’t do anything though as he threatens to kill his mother and little brother if she tries anything funny. What a cowardly bastard. I hope he gets what’s coming to him. Mile, Mavis, and Reina all arrive at Pauline’s hometown and notice that it’s quite a desolate place. No doubt this is the handy work of the bastardly viscount and the company head. Some disgusting dudes try to take advantage of the girls but they give them a good beating and extract some useful information from them. Later that day, Pauline meets Mavis’s father, Count Austien. They talk in private and he reveals that he’s aware that she’s part of the Crimson Vow. He does not approve of Mavis being a hunter. He warns her to fulfill her duties and nothing more. His reach extends beyond what she can comprehend. Why does Mavis’s dad have to be such a douche? Pauline won’t be deterred from getting her revenge though!

Mile and the gang want to storm the place immediately and save Pauline. Reina notes that it wouldn’t be a good idea to reveal themselves as the Crimson Vow. There’s a simple solution to this problem – disguises! They disguise themselves with masks and capes. Naturally, they make a fabulous entrance as the Tuxedo Masks…er, I mean the Dress Masks. I miss Sailor Moon. Anyway, they make too much noise with that flashy entrance and alert all the guards, oopsie. They easily take care of all the guards though. Inside the mansion, Pauline is confronted by the viscount and company head. She realizes that all the guards are busy fighting outside. Thus, it’s the perfect opportunity to carry out her revenge! Before she can do anything though, Mile and the others break down the door. Mile introduces them as…the Crimson Fountains of Blood, haha. The two goons (that’s what I’m calling the viscount and the company head from now on) are pretty intimidated by the name alone. Count Austien arrives on the scene and Pauline tells him her story of revenge. He decides that the only way to resolve this issue is with a duel. Alright, I guess?

It’s time to d-d-duel! These two goons killed Pauline’s father. I hope they’re prepared to die. She absolutely wrecks them. I’m sure she thought about killing them but she instead opts to let them pay for their crimes. Finally, her father can rest in peace and the rest of her family is free at last! Pauline thanks Count Austien for giving her this opportunity. He remarks that he requires no thanks and reveals that he knew of their nefarious deeds. This was a good opportunity to pass judgment on them. Okay, maybe he isn’t such a jerk. He also states his true intentions were to lure Mavis here and force her to return home. Nevermind, I take back what I said. By the way, he knows that the Crimson Fountains of Blood is actually the Crimson Vow. B-b-but their disguises were perfect! He tells Mavis to stop pretending to be a knight and tells her to come home. Mavis replies that she’s not playing a game here and that she truly wants to be a knight. She shows off some of her skills and her father seems impressed. Mavis adds that Mile is her master and taught her everything she knows. This leads to a deal between Count Austien and Mile. Of course, Mile wins effortlessly. He admits defeat and allows Mavis to continue being a Hunter. The next day, Pauline says goodbye to her family and she leaves with the others. Count Austien runs after their carriage and begs Mavis to not go. He’s also crying like a baby. This made me die of laughter, haha. He really is just a doting father.

Once home, the girls are forced to work as maids again. They get a discount at Lenny’s inn in exchange for serving customers. That means they don’t get paid for all the extra maid service they put in. Lenny is making so much money off of them! They decide that it’s about time they work and make some serious money. They settle on a big-money quest that involves hunting a wyvern. They’re advised against it though because wyverns are quite troublesome. They will always remember who attacks them and will never show themselves in front of the same people again. The only people that take these quests are idiots, rookies, and heroes. Well, you know what? The Crimson Vow are a bunch of idiots, rookies, and heroes. This is the perfect quest for them! And so, the girls set off for some wyvern hunting. They reach the village that’s being terrorized by the wyvern and are given a sacrificial cow to lure it. I actually felt really bad for that cow, especially when they showed a close-up of its sad face. Your sacrifice won’t be in vain! The wyvern eventually shows up and it attacks by dropping stuff at them. The wyvern is actually pretty smart. It’s too high in the air so their magic won’t reach. Mile gets the ingenious idea to…throw her teammates at it. Yup, you read that right. She grabs Reina and tosses her at the wyvern. Reina Gun misses. She grabs Mavis next and throws her at the wyvern. Mavis Cutter is a failure. Finally, she throws Pauline at the wyvern. Pauline Shredder is a success! The wyvern is down. I was greatly amused by all of this.

All that’s left is to slay the beast. They’re stopped by an old man before they finish it off. He tells them not to kill the wyvern. They were about to ignore him and kill it anyways until he begs once again, haha. The man’s name is Booneclift and he claims to be the wyvern’s former master. We get a flashback of his time as a boy when he found a hurt baby wyvern and nursed it back to health. They became best friends during this time. However, his mother wouldn’t allow him to keep it and he had to let it go. It’s certainly a sad story but the girls are still suspicious. How do they know this is the same wyvern? Booneclift performs the Sonic Breath spell and the wyvern does as well. It’s an original spell of his and only they can use it. Seems legit, the girls are convinced. They decide to let the wyvern go so that these two can be together again. Booneclift and his wyvern both embrace each other and cry in happiness. The cow doesn’t have to die! Everyone is happy! Well, the villagers aren’t too happy about this. They still want revenge for all the trouble the wyvern caused. Booneclift gives them a bag full of gold coins and everything is forgiven! He also gives the girls a ton of money, too. It turns out Booneclift is a royal mage and it’s always good to have connections with such important people. What do the girls decide to do with their money? Move out of Lenny’s inn so that they aren’t forced to work as maids ever again, haha.

In Summary:
It was nice seeing Pauline get her revenge and free her family. Those two goons got what they deserved. Mavis’s interactions with her dad were hilarious. Her father is certainly an amusing character. I always enjoy all the references sprinkled throughout each episode. This show continues to be enjoyably silly. Honestly, that’s all I want from this show and that’s exactly what I get every week. It may not be the best show this season but dangit, it’s still fun.

Grade: C (average for all three episodes together)

Streamed By: Crunchyroll, VRV

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