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Val x Love Vol. #06 Manga Review

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It’s a new day and a new Takuma, and enemies and allies alike are going to get creamed!

Do the dirty with a maiden and become a man.

Creative Staff
Story: Miyuki Nakayama
Art: Miyuki Nakayama
Translation: Leighann Harvey

What they say
On the verge of being wiped out by the wicked gods’ overwhelming power, the valkyries are in dire straits. However, just as hope seems lost, Takuma unlocks his powers of seduction and attains new heights as the girls’ einherjar! It’s a new day and a new Takuma, and enemies and allies alike are going to get creamed!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
I think Val x Love is quickly becoming one of my favorite erotic harem manga. More on that later.

The previous volume left us on a cliff hanger. Skuld and Roskva attacked the valkyries and summoned numerous monsters. In order to combat Skuld and her horde of tentacle monsters, the valkyries bring out their fourth sister, Shino Saotome, whose Holy Sword is called The Armor, which allows her to create an impenetrable barrier. We haven’t seen much of her yet. The only thing we know is she’s always wearing a helmet. And while Shino is maintaining the barrier, the second sister Futaba charges bravely into enemy lines and draws Skuld’s attention. All this is being done to give the first valkyrie Ichika a chance to ambush and crush Skuld with her spear.

This battle is probably the most intense we’ve had since Garm attacked the school and nearly killed Takuma. There is so much going on. Not only does the battle nearly kill our valkyries and hero, but the barrier that had been put up to keep humans from finding out about it broke and everyone found out what was happening. While the cat might be out of the bag, not everything ended on a sad note. Takuma becomes a lot stronger during this battle. During the fight, Takuma notices that Skuld and Roskva are trying to bait Ichika into attacking and saves her when she falls for it. Then he resolves himself to become stronger and help the valkyries. Even when Ichika tells him to leave her, he refuses to abandon her and begins seducing her to give her a power-up.

I like that we learned a bit more about Ichika. For the most part, all we knew about her was that she’s super scary and seems to wear a permanent scowl. During the moment Takuma is seducing her, we get a flashback to when she is playing chess with Odin. Her father asks her what kind of man she likes, and she tells him “someone who is willing to risk his own body, who holds her little sisters at the forefront of his mind, and who has an unbreakable spear in his heart.” This volume shows us the unbreakable spear Takuma posses. Injured, tired, and scared out of his mind, Takuma still resolves himself to protect Ichika and her sisters.

After resolving himself, Takuma’s powers are finally displayed. His power is called The Book, and it seems to be capable of healing the valkyries. The battle becomes even more intense as he, Ichika, and eventually Natsuki battle against Skuld and Roskva, but while their battle ends in victory, they still lose when Garm and Ullr steal Misteltainn. Not only do the valkyries lose Misteltainn, but Garm kills Misa Saotome. Even after her body is healed, her soul is trapped in Niflheim. This is where Takuma once again shows off his power as an einherjar, journeying into Niflheim and rescuing Misa, despite having already used so much of his power.

In Summary
There is a lot of progress in Val x Love volume 6—even more so than in the previous volume, which I feel is impressive. Out of all the manga I have read, this is one of the few where the protagonist undergoes numerous qualitative changes throughout each volume that you can clearly see. It’s also one of the only harem series where the protagonist goes from being an anti-social loser to someone who actually feels reliable. I really like that about this series and hope the next several volumes can keep showing off Takuma’s progress as he becomes a better lover.

Content Grade: A
Art Grade: A
Packaging Grade: A
Text/Translation Grade: A

Age Rating: M
rReleased By: Yen Press
Release Date: August 27th, 2019
MSRP: $12.99

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