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‘Sonic X’ Anime Netflix Streaming Begins

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The more Sonic the merrier!

Sonic XWhile TMS Entertainment has had the Sonic X series out previously on a couple of services they’re now going for another expansion. The distributor had set a December 1st, 2019 debut for the series on Netflix and carried through on it. You can find its series page here to add the title to your queue. What they have, as broken out by WTK, is:

– New World Saga (13 eps)
– Chaos Emerald Saga (13 eps)
– Chaos & Shadow Sagas (12 eps)
– Egg Moon & Emerl & Homebound Saga (14 eps)

Audio: English [Original], German, Spanish Italian, Brazilian Portuguese
Subtitles: English [CC], Spanish, Traditional Chinese, German, Simplified Chinese

Directed by Hajime Kamegaki, the series ran from April 2003 through March 2004. Discotek Media holds the North American license for the show on home video.

Plot concept: Back on Sonic’s home planet, Eggman has collected all 7 of the Chaos Emeralds, and is about to have absolute power when Sonic interferes, causing an explosion that sends everyone from their world to Earth. Sonic and his friends team up with 12 year old Christopher Thorndyke to collect all the Chaos Emeralds and defeat the evil Dr. Eggman.

[Source: WTK]

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