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See Season 1 Episode #07 – The Lavender Road Review

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What lies beyond.

Choices ahead for nearly everyone.

What They Say:
The Witchfinder searches for his queen with Maghra and Boots. Haniwa, Kofun, and others are nearing Jerlamarel.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
See has been a pretty strong show for me since the start but the previous episode was the one where it faltered for me a bit. The group being split further doesn’t do much for me nor does the subplot involving Kane at this point. I get where they’re going with it but with both Kane and the Alkenny, we had so little time with their people overall that it whittled away things far too fast. I did like seeing how Boots ends up throwing in with Maghra as they may have the same goals overall, especially now that she’s revealed more of her truth past and relationship to the people of the dam but also in regards to Kane and Jerlamarel. Sex always screws a lot of things up but we have seen that Jerlamarel really has chosen properly.

Maghra’s throwing in with Tamacti makes sense in a way to protect her children and the rest, especially as Tamacti now knows that Kane has been taken by another group and the pursuit of them will take focus. Tamacti is also making sure to make clear just how problematic things are for her, noting that Boots was sired by Jerlamarel and can see, sitting within the encampment of the Witchfinder himself. It’s not complicated but it is complex and makes for Tamacti knowing he has to be clear in everything he does. The reality is that Boots is useful for what he’s looking for and he has to use that. The whole thing is an interesting balance of power that’s going on and I do like seeing how Maghra is ensuring that what she treasures the most is the most protected while they head off to deal with their own issues.

For Baba Voss and his group, the journey to find the lavender road is a difficult one but one made worse as father and daughter are not talking after recent discoveries. That plus Voss looking like he’s pretty sick isn’t going to make this a fun journey in the short term. But I do like that we get to see this road and that it is indeed lavender as it’ll take them closer to Jerlamarel. The visuals for this are interesting as it takes us past ruins alongside the river that the group has been following that I wish we could see back in time about. But it’s also just a great series of visuals in general as they eventually come to the remains of a house where they camp for the time being. This provides for some good moments to collect, especially with Haniwa and Kofun talking through what’s happened with their mother and the small reveals that they’ve gotten. Everything has changed very fast and it’s hard for them to really keep up and maintain a collected image.

When the journey takes them to a warning sign that’s made up of bodies and tied knot-words to reveal that death lies before them if they proceed, it makes for a good if brief discussion. Kofun thinks that Jerlamarel must have lost his mine but his elders make it clear that this serves to instill fear in those not sighted and keep them at a distance, which is set up well to guide them further in.

Running a good chunk of this alongside Tamacti as he and his group are surveying where Kane is being held is interesting. Tamacti proceeds on his own with the plan laid out and is very stealthy as he makes his way through, dropping bodies as need be, in order to get closer to his goal. But we see that Kane’s plan has worked a well as she brought one to her side to help out. It’s not a big sequence like we’ve seen with Baba Voss but it is a strong one with precise strikes and movements. What makes for a welcome moment is that not long after being saved, Maghra is brought in to connect with the queen and to help reshape the movement ahead. It’s been so long that recognition takes a little time but watching it dawn on their faces is one of the better moments here because it feels honest and true. Which is also what Tamacti and Maghra realize when Kane talks about what she did to Kanzua. It doesn’t mean much for Maghra at this point but with Tamacti having spent twenty years hunting down enemies only to have Kane destroy that he was trying to protect? That’s a harsh realization for him to deal with. It’s a wonderful moment of power, one where Kane believes that her position as Queen is all that matters, and that it’s now become something among those who remain will decide whether she retains that title after all that she’s done.

A similar reshaping is taking place with the sighted twins as they’ve finally arrived at the place of Jerlamarel but only his children are allowed inside. Which is problematic as both Paris and Baba Voss need a little medical help. But Voss understands that this is the time in which they must go separate paths and that the children must move forward even when he cannot. I like that we do get the separation here as it feels right in the parent/children mode but we also get Voss and Paris sticking close by as he doesn’t intend to abandon them to whatever’s inside. And that look inside is what you wait for after the general build-up. Of course, it’s just the barest of teases but that’s what makes it worth coming back next week to understand the world that his children might have built here.

In Summary:
This series continues to hit all the right marks for me on what I had hoped for with it while providing plenty of excursions and uncertainties to keep me on my feet. I loved the initial trailers and wanted to explore this world and bit by bit, every episode does just that. There’s a lot going on within this one as people are making real choices that effect real change so that it’s not what it was before. I’m curious to see where it all leads and just continue to hope that there’s enough payoff to make it worthwhile.

Grade: B+

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