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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For December 1st, 2019

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So. Much. TV.

The countdown is on and we’re basically waiting for the next season of The Expanse in a couple of weeks. So there’s a push to clear up a few things so I can just binge the hell out of that as quickly as possible. We’ve been keeping up on See as well as checking out the latest for The Mandalorian and the debut of Harley Quinn.

First up, I binged through the fourth and final season of Man in the High Castle on Prime this week after doing just the first two. While the season was rushed in some ways, it was going to feel different after a few main character deaths and arc closures in the previous season. There’s a lot that I liked in this season and just wondering who would survive and who wouldn’t was a big part of it as well as the all “party politics” of it all. I particularly enjoyed watching the performances for Helen Smith (Chelah Horsdal) as they cast wonderfully there. Even the final episode felt like it worked well amid all the chaos in the JPS as we got to see what a new leadership would be like. Honestly, the season was very good for me and it stuck the landing really well until the final couple of minutes with the portal that just comes across as utter nonsense.

Of a new show I tried, Hulu got me to check in with Bess of Both Worlds, an Australian comedy that ran back in 2014 or thereabouts for three seasons of eight episodes. It was called Upper Middle Dorgan in Australia as it deals with the upper middle-class life of the title character and discovering she was adopted, originally born to a couple that run a race crew and are known as dorgans, i.e. scruffy commoner kind of stuff. The word actually has different meanings in different places around the world and could be crammed to one in the US but it has no real direct meaning other than lower class, but even that doesn’t fit in a lot of ways. Regardless, it took a few episodes but the show really clicked for me with its humor and absurdity combined with the requirement of overacting when it comes to Bess. Amber is my breakout favorite though! I’m still surprised this never got a US adaptation with a few easy tweaks.

I ended up checking out the first episode of the new season of The Toys That Made Us with the turtles but I gotta say, the rest of the season is not a draw in the slightest.

I made it about seven episodes into the second season of Wynona Earp as Dani Kind finally boards the show and she was the only reason I was really starting it/watching it anyway. I have hopes that she has a really good role in it.

I also slid into some educational TV with One Strange Rock on Netflix, partially as background but also because I love seeing the absurd diversity of our world.

There were a bunch of other usual weekly shows as well, though less this week because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

What’s dominating your TV schedule?





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